EMAIL updates item specifics to improve product search

By Sasha Fedorenko March 22, 2019 - 12:22 pm have updated item specifics in a variety of categories that are key to sellers when they’re listing products. Item specifics include the brand and physical details of a product such as make, model, size type, size, colour, and style.

eBay already announced in their eBay UK 2019 Early Seller Update release that they will focus on Item Specifics in 2019, with the aim is to improve the product search experience on eBay.

eBay say that when sellers list in the categories below on, they will receive my eBay and Seller Hub notifications to add item specifics that help buyers find items they’re looking for. eBay recommends merchants review the notifications and update their listings.

Category ID

Category Name

Key Item Specifics

177 PC Laptops & Netbooks RAM Size, Processor, Screen Size, Graphics Processing Type, Type
171485 Tablets & eBook Readers Storage Capacity, Model, Screen Size
27386 Graphics/Video Cards Memory Size, Chipset/GPU Model
116023 Dishwashers Type, Width, Installation
116022 String Lights, Fairy Lights Color, LED String/Strip Type, Type
139973 Video Games Game Name, Platform

Why is eBay focusing on item specifics?

eBay say that they have created a more efficient buying experience to cater to the busy lives of shoppers.

eBay have identified areas that could improve the search experience for shoppers and will continue to monitor item specifics shoppers use to find products. The marketplace promises to continue sharing insight about the key item specifics in additional categories over the year.

  • Toby
    1 year ago

    better sort out their catalogue then… fed up with items with blatantly wrong specifics…. loving the 3kw heaters i found the other day that were solar… with a 3 pin plug. See it all the time. Whether it be purposeful like key word spamming or accident, i dont know… but it is bad as if you use the catalogue and it is wrong… then the buyer has full come back on you!

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