More than 1,800 SMBs are set to attend Amazon Selling Partner Summits

By Sasha Fedorenko March 25, 2019 - 3:08 pm

Amazon today announced that more than 1,800 small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are set to attend the Amazon Selling Partner Summits nationwide in the US events between March and October.

Registration for the new Selling Partner Summit Series opened on February 6th and sold out in just six weeks. Amazon has previously hosted events to help sellers including Amazon Academy events across Europe and the Boost Conference in the US, specifically for businesses using the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

The events, which comprise of six conferences are designed to support SMBs growth on Amazon. Each Summit will feature an Amazon-led educational track, experts lounge, and product labs to help small businesses build and grow their sales in Amazon’s stores. Merchants will learn directly from Amazon’s experts and meet like-minded Amazon sellers to network, learn, and share success stories. The first event will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on March 26-27. Later in 2019, the Summits will be hosted in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

We are a champion of small business across America, investing heavily to help over a million businesses sell their products in Amazon Stores while creating economic opportunity and jobs for hundreds of thousands of people across the country. As part of our commitment to empowering small business, these summits are another powerful tool to help them learn how to sell online and grow their sales.”
– Pete Sauerborn, vice president of Selling Partner Recruitment and Development, Amazon

At the Summits, merchants will have an Amazon-led educational track based on their business model and how long they’ve been selling. The educational tracks are segmented as New Brand Owner, Established Brand Owner, New Reseller, and Established Resellers. Each track is engineered for sellers to walk away from the event with knowledge and insights to help them scale their business and better identify the growth levers that make the most sense for their business.

The Selling Partner Summit Series will feature sessions designed to help sellers grow their business, including:

  • Customer Obsession

    Understand your pivotal role in Amazon’s commitment to maintaining outstanding customer experience.

  • The Selling Partner Journey

    Get an overview of the tools and programs available to sellers and how they can help you grow your business.

  • Inventory & Fulfillment

    Study up on fulfilment options and inventory management best practices to prevent stock-outs and plan for seasonal sales surges.

  • Discovery

    Learn how to help Amazon customers find your products via listing creation, search optimisation, and advertising opportunities.

  • Account Health

    Understand the policies, metrics, and processes pertaining to your account health.

  • Featured Offers (buy box)

    Make sense of featured offer eligibility, and the performance-based requirements products must meet to ‘win the featured offer.’

  • Amazon Expert Lounge

    Ask your remaining questions 1:1 in the Expert Lounge after completing the educational tracks.

Sellers with a Seller Central account, resellers, brand owners, and manufacturers are welcome to attend the future Selling Partner Summit event. Selling Partner Summit registration is $279 (£211), inclusive of fees and taxes per person. Travel and hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee. Merchants can send their enquiries via

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