Amazon press-to-order Dash buttons discontinued

By Sasha Fedorenko March 4, 2019 - 10:20 am

Amazon press-to-order Dash buttons have been discontinued as shoppers ditch them for other methods to buy products.

Amazon said on Thursday that product subscriptions and automatic reordering had surpassed the popularity of the plastic Dash buttons, making them no longer the most popular product reordering option on Amazon.

The Amazon press-to-order Dash buttons are created to be stuck around the house and pressed for repeat purchases of certain products. This allows consumers to instantly top up daily essentials such as toiletries and kitchen products.

The Dash Button is a wi-fi device that connects consumers to Amazon’s 1-Click shopping at home. When shoppers click it, they’re ordering the product in question. Orders are confirmed by text. Dash Buttons are available for £4.99, but the £4.99 discount on the first order makes the service, essentially free.

January saw a court in Germany ruling out that the buttons were illegal because they didn’t let shoppers see the price of products when they ordered.

Amazon said that they have been aiming at making the shopping experience “convenient and easy, and in some cases, even disappear“. They said that digital Dash buttons and shopping via voice controlled devices such as their own Echo speakers had surpassed their physical Dash buttons.

  • Morten
    1 year ago

    When they first annouced these ‘buttons’ I honestly thought it was a joke. What happens when your 3 year old hits the nappy button 84 times and DSV turn up with 9 pallets at your residential address?

    This is the dumbest idea they have ever implemented.

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