Amazon Pay through Worldpay enabled with API

By Chris Dawson March 20, 2019 - 4:46 pm

Worldpay, have teamed up with Amazon, making Worldpay the first acquirer enabling Amazon Pay for its merchants. Through this relationship, Worldpay merchants that accept payments in the United States can utilize Amazon Pay through Worldpay, providing an expedited, consistent and seamless online checkout experience.

What this effectively means is that merchants with their own website who use Worldpay will be able to offer Amazon Pay as an option. What this means for the consumer is that they can sign in with Amazon Pay and use their stored Amazon payment method and saved addresses from Amazon to complete their order. It’s effectively removing friction from the transaction process enabling consumers to purchase when they don’t have their debit or credit card to hand, all they need to know is their Amazon log in.

Through Worldpay’s API, online merchants can easily integrate and add Amazon Pay through Worldpay to their website. Merchants can now enable Amazon Pay, with Worldpay as both their gateway provider and acquirer.

“By teaming up with Amazon, we have an even stronger capacity to enable digital commerce, streamline the checkout experience and drive frictionless payments for our merchants. Consumer adoption of digital payments is growing rapidly and merchants need to keep pace with demand. At Worldpay it’s our responsibility to make it quick and easy for our merchants to add new payment options, and enable their customers to pay in the way they want to.”
– Asif Ramji, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Worldpay

For Amazon, this signals a potential explosion in the number of website offering Amazon Pay pitting them directly against PayPal. In fact for existing Worldpay users it’s even easier as if they’re already using the Worldpay API it’ll take just minutes to add Amazon Pay as an alternative payment method.

“At Amazon, we are continuously looking for ways to invent and simplify on behalf of our customers. Working with Worldpay will make it easier for merchants to grow their business by providing customers with a familiar and trusted experience throughout the shopping journey.”
– Patrick Gauthier, Vice President, Amazon Pay

As Amazon Pay through Worldpay has been integrated into the Worldpay API, this is a bit of an exclusive and it will be some time before other payment acquirers can follow suit and offer Amazon as a payment method. It also opens up interesting opportunities for payments other than on websites – connected devices such as subscriptions on smart TVs are an obvious sector where it may be easier to pay for services with an Amazon Pay log in in favour of debit or credit card details.

This news comes just days after Worldpay announced their merger with FIS.

  • Kevin
    2 years ago

    Amazon may have struggled before in getting merchants to use Amazon pay because they might look at Amazon as being competition and doing a deal with the devil in allowing Amazon pay on their website. This may change now as world pay will sell this service to merchants in saying that it will reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase impulse buys, where the merchant will see an increase in transactions.

    • 2 years ago

      I signed u to Amazon pay a while back but their usual poor customer service could not get it sorted out. Even having emailed them since and got no response.

  • Kevin
    2 years ago

    I think this is a game changing announcement.

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