The Amazon effect: 74% of shoppers choose Amazon as their go-to-place

By Sasha Fedorenko March 21, 2019 - 2:45 pm

Some 74% of consumers choose Amazon as their go-to-place when ready to buy a specific product, says the study by Feedvisor.

The research analysed consumer behaviour of 2k US shoppers who have purchased from Amazon within the past two years.

According to the study, 66% of shoppers say that they start their search for new products on Amazon, with 95% admitting to being “satisfied” with the search results.

The key to Amazon’s financial success is Prime membership offering, which reached more than 100m subscribers last year. Consumer loyalty is at the highest point it has ever been, with less than a half (45%) of Amazon Prime members buying from the marketplace at least once a week, and 5% purchasing on Amazon daily. Some 48% of most non-Prime consumers visiting the marketplace at least a few times a week, and 89% of the same cohort admit to browsing on Amazon once a month.

While Amazon Prime already boasts a large volume of subscribers, the marketplace continually delivers new perks to delight their existing subscribers and attract new ones. Yesterday, Amazon introduced Belei, their first private-label skincare line with unlimited free two-day shipping available via Amazon Prime membership. The beauty skin-care range isn’t designed to cater to every single Prime member, but it targets women by offering them affordable solutions for various types of skin. Amazon continues to design multiple benefits personalised both for families and individuals.

  • Kevin
    7 months ago

    That percentage may drop in the future by quite a lot. The reason %74 of consumers first go to Amazon for a product search is because Amazon had a policy that merchants could not sell their products cheaper anywhere else. With this the consumer knew that Amazon would always have the cheapest prices. That is why the percentage search is so high.

    Amazon this week stopped that policy. Meaning merchants that sell their products on Amazon can now sell their products cheaper elsewhere. Where Amazon will no longer become the cheapest place to buy. With this overtime Amazon’s percentage search and percentage market share will drop as consumers are quite savy and will shop around more.

  • SAM
    7 months ago

    Am surprised it is not higher. These days everyone I know uses Amazon, (crazy thing it is not even that well priced). Sites like eBAY are just not used anymore and are all but done.
    The logistics was always key. Time people constantly work more for less get poor service everywhere from banks to shops and but Amazon always deliver
    TV was next (they are however messing that up, not enough quality PRIME content where Netflix is now leagues ahead)…
    Now they are getting the final winner the sport’s….
    I don’t even have my prime account right now for shopping or tv but there covering all the tennis.

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