Are fewer top retailers using Amazon and eBay?

By Sasha Fedorenko March 6, 2019 - 4:11 pm

Amazon and eBay are experiencing a year-on-year (YoY) drop in top 250 retailers using their marketplaces to trade, says Etail Performance Report One Year On by Visualsoft.

The report analysed more than 250 leading retailers in the UK to identify what progress they have made to maximise their true growth potential in the past 12 months – and if they have made any at all.

The study states that the numbers of retailers trading on Amazon and eBay are declining. Some 36% out of top 250 retailers are selling on third-party platforms such as Amazon and eBay. That’s a drop from 39% in November 2017.

While 3% of retailers out of top 250 list have abandoned selling on the mentioned marketplaces, the study doesn’t explain why the have stopped trading on Amazon and eBay. Perhaps, it’s part of the natural cycle with some retailers leaving and others joining, or could it be a new trend of retailers going solo?

The retail market is becoming increasingly fragmented, with an ever-growing range of channels through which shoppers can begin, continue and end their purchasing journey. Whilst focusing on an effective website is vital, brands must never underestimate the importance of multi-channel selling.

Worryingly, the figures have slumped slightly across key metrics – most of which were already underperforming. Many leading brands are therefore swimming against the tide of consumer behaviour and missing out on growth opportunities as a result.

Brands that fall outside of the top 250 should, therefore, be jumping at the chance to make the most of this channel and the sales boost it can provide.”
– Chris Fletcher, head of onboarding, Visualsoft

  • Andy
    6 months ago

    Hopefully retailers are “going solo” … not a good idea to have Amazon dominating any more than it does already.

  • Fred
    6 months ago

    eBay/Paypal and Amazon charge about 15% of your sale fee and you have to discount at least 15% to get sales on those platforms, it just isn’t viable as there is next to no profit left! That is why they are leaving.

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