46 New Marketplaces to expand your business in 2019

By Chris Dawson March 21, 2019 - 9:00 am

It’s estimated that just over 50% of global ecommerce sales are made on marketplaces: that means that the pure-play online retailers are not the dominant force online. The majority of shoppers like a venue where they can shop around and compare the variety of goods for sale and shop from different merchants and there are many new marketplaces for sellers to consider.

It’s worth boiling down that idea a little. We know that Amazon and eBay are huge and successful. (And Amazon, in particular, is growing at such a phenomenal rate it is on the cusp of being dominant.) But there are a huge number of other online new marketplaces out there that sellers should consider making sales with.

The other marketplaces may not be as huge. Or as well-known. Some may be relatively new. But all offer an opportunity to grow sales.

Download ButtonToday, in partnership with we have launched an exclusive guide to new marketplaces for you to consider – the marketplaces may not all be ‘new’ as in newly launched, in fact many have been around for a considerable time but they may be new to you. We want to highlight the opportunities around the world and at home which is why you’ll discover some country specific marketplaces and others which operate in a specific niche.

“Online marketplaces, both UK-based and overseas, are continuing to thrive. Following years of domination by traditional online marketplaces, new entrants are invigorating the sector by offering both buyers and sellers their own unique selling points, innovative models, and forward thinking brand values.

New entrants have recognised that sellers want a better deal from the platforms they use, and these businesses have used this to really stand out from the crowd. Whether this is fairer fees, access to specialist buyers or top-notch infrastructure, marketplaces of all persuasions are now transforming the sector for buyers and sellers.”
– Cas Paton, founder,

The ecommerce ecosystem continues to diversify and develop and a third party specialist is a vital partner when it comes to trading across multiple platforms. They can make the transition to a new platform easier and also often have expertise there too. And the various marketplaces too will often offer on-boarding assistance making it very easy to upload your inventory and start selling. You’ll find many multichannel solution partners that can assist in the Tamebay Guide which has been fully updated for 2019.

Download your free copy of 46 New Marketplaces to expand your business in 2019 today.

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    Why isn’t on the list ?

    • 3 years ago

      Hi Lesley, There are about 350 marketplace in Europe and thousands around the world. We simply didn’t have time to cover them all this time around,

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