Reminder to specify your eBay mobile description

By Sasha Fedorenko February 18, 2019 - 2:15 pm

Some sellers are reporting that their eBay mobile description is left without vital information. Merchants are saying that this could lead to lost sales as customers might not think the product is what they want.

If sellers don’t specify their eBay mobile descriptions, this can lead to important keywords left out. An eBay seller found themselves in this scenario, they said on the eBay business seller board yesterday that eBay takes random selections from the item description to accompany the listings on the marketplace. They added that in such a case, eBay could make the items look “unwanted” or “defected” in sellers’ eyes.

We previously reported in 2016 on eBay introducing mobile friendly item description summaries. From July 2016 eBay started adding description summaries that will only appear on the eBay mobile site and app. If sellers fail to add the 800-max character item description, eBay will automatically generate the description summaries based on the specifications sellers included in their listing.

How to specify your eBay mobile description?

If eBay merchants limit their product descriptions to less than 800 characters and use basic HTML, CSS or text-only, then eBay will display the entire description.

The other option is to use a special  HTML tag. The format sellers do need to use to embed their mobile-friendly item description within their desktop description HMTL is:

<div vocab=”” typeof=”Product”><span property=”description”>
[your description summary goes here]

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