‘We’re chasing PayPal for the breakthrough’: Pakistan’s finance minister

By Sasha Fedorenko February 12, 2019 - 10:30 am

We’re chasing PayPal for the breakthrough,” is how Pakistan’s finance minister describes his plan to launch PayPal Pakistan.

Pakistan’s finance minister, Asad Umar continues his efforts to bring PayPal to Pakistan. He said that he’s aware of the problems consumers face because of lack of online payment supplier the country.

“PayPal has neither stuck at my desk nor at any other government institution. In fact, we are chasing PayPal for the breakthroughI know that this is a fantastic source for the employment of our youth, our boys and girls who work from their homes. The nonavailability of PayPal or any other effective online payment system causes them a lot of problems. This is why I took the initiative myself and had a message sent to the PayPal chief executive officer and told him that, ‘This is such an important issue, if you want, I can fly to the US myself and meet you’. We have made contact with them and initiated a dialogue with them.”.”
– Asad Umar, minister of finance, Pakistan

Previously, the government had expressed their intentions to introduce PayPal in Pakistan. However, it will require the country to set up a legal and financial regulatory framework before it could welcome the payment’s supplier to join the market.

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