Hermes UK includes augmented reality video messages to their parcels

By Sasha Fedorenko February 27, 2019 - 2:40 pm

Hermes UK announced an initiative that will see the use of augmented reality video messages to delight customers when receiving a parcel. We spoke to Martijn de Lange, CEO of Hermes at TDCGlobal (The Delivery Conference) who told us that the new feature will be available to anyone using the Hermes Send app, previously myHermes, later on in the year and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Hermes Play, which was created within Hermes’ Innovation Lab, would allow merchants to pre-record a message and then upload it via the Hermes Send app. A 2D barcode, similar to a QR code, is then created which is added to the parcel label. The parcel’s recipient is then invited to scan the code and watch the video message on their phone or tablet. All videos will be saved for 30 days and can be downloaded and shared on social media.

The service will be rolled out to merchants who will be able to use it to personalise their service, offer promotions or highlight areas of interest. This would allow sellers to bring deliveries to ‘live.’ For instance, if a product arrives damaged, a seller could even send an apologetic video with a discount coupon for their next purchase to encourage repeat purchases and loyalty. Merchants can use their imagination to make deliveries more personal in order to solidify their relationships with customers.

At Hermes this year our mission is to make parcels personal again and our digital teams have been working hard to create new and exciting initiatives. Hermes Play is a fantastic service that can be used by consumers to send messages to family and friends or by businesses for a more commercially focussed approach. It’s designed to create a personal connection and make the experience of sending and receiving a parcel just that little bit more special!”
– Martijn de Lange, chief executive officer, Hermes UK

  • Stephen Marsh
    2 years ago

    They’d be better using their energies to deliver parcels without destroying the contents.

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