eBay for Charity UK 2018 – Year in review

By Chris Dawson February 19, 2019 - 2:05 pm

We reported last week that eBay for Charity raised nearly $102 million globally for charities in 2018, a record breaking year. This brings their total raised to date to nearly $912 million since 2003 and they have set a target to have raised $1 Billion for charity by 2020.

Today we take a look at eBay for Charity UK, and reveal how generous Brits are assisting the Charities that matter most to them.

In 2018, eBay users in the UK supported 3,227 worthy causes through eBay for Charity UK. Raising an incredible £2,500 per hour – £60,000 per day – totalling £22.5 million over the course of 2018. That’s up 13% on 2017 when £19.5 million was raised.

Notable eBay for Charity UK 2018 causes

  • During Pride week, £40,000 was raised for the Albert Kennedy Trust.
  • £105,000 was raised for The Prince’s Trust who eBay have a 12 month partnership with.
  • Chester Zoo raised £39,750 to support animal conservation.
  • £8,936 was raised for Key 4 Life.
  • The Make a Wish UK cause saw funds boosted by £40,226 through eBay for Charity UK.
  • Through their ‘Stars on canvas’ auction, The Willow Foundation raised £41,221.

The most expensive eBay for Charity UK item in 2018

The most expensive item sold on eBay for Charity UK during 2018 was a Felipe Pantone bike raising £15,200 for World Bicycle Relief UK.

Largest eBay for Charity UK Seller

The British Heart Foundation, is the largest Charity seller on eBay. Having set up their eBay operations with just two people back in 2006, they have received over a quarter of a million feedback comments. They revealed to Tamebay that they have transacted in excess of £15 million and their operation for their financial year 2018/19 is worth well over £5 million.

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