eBay for Charity goal: Raise $1 Billion for charity by 2020

By Chris Dawson February 11, 2019 - 10:00 am

eBay announced that eBay for Charity raised a record of nearly $102 million for charities in 2018, bringing the total funds raised to nearly $912 million since 2003. With more than 66,000 charities on the platform, eBay for Charity enables people to connect with and support their favourite non-profits and causes when they buy or sell on eBay.

“With a record-breaking $102 million raised through eBay for Charity in 2018, eBay continues to be fully committed to enabling millions of people to come together and make a difference. Unlike any other online marketplace, our platform allows anyone in the world to make an impact, giving consumers the freedom to support the causes near and dear to them.”
– Brenda Halkias, General Manager, eBay for Charity

There are multiple ways to support charities on eBay. You can buy products sold with a percentage of the sellign price donated to charity, you can sell items and donate a percentage to charity, you can donate £1 at checkout on any purchase on eBay, or if you represent a Charity you can become an official eBay for Charity seller yourself. eBay waives fees on items on items sold by Charities making it even easier to raise funds for your favourite cause.

It is thought that a UK Charity – The British Heart Foundation, is the largest Charity seller on eBay. Having set up their eBay operations with just two people back in 2006, they have received over a quarter of a million feedback comments and grown their turn over to in excess of £10m per year in sales revenue.

With close to $912 million raised to-date, eBay aims to have raised $1 Billion for charity by 2020.

  • Toby
    8 months ago

    Stopped doing this last year. We set up 3 listings with a charity donation amount for a set period of time ( We decided on 6 months). When the six months was up we edited the listing to remove the charity donation bit.
    Now i know some of the donations take a few weeks to filter through, but 3 months later our items were still having the charity percentage removed and no one seemed to know why or how. It was around the 5 month later stage that we decided the only way to stop it was to end the listings and redo them. Sadly this lost us out large sales history as they had gone right through our peak sales period.
    Ebay had no interest in helping us with the lost money, the suggestion from one employee was that if we were happy for it to go to charity in the start, what was the big issue now?!
    So sadly we won’t be doing that again…. enough hassle on ebay without adding another.

  • 8 months ago

    I can confirm that British Heart Foundation are not only the UK’s largest charity reseller on line and eBay – but 2nd in the world to Seattle Goodwill in the USA. (No1 by revenue)

    Our operation to date via ebay has transacted in excess of £15 million and our operation for FY 18/19 is worth well over £5 million.

    Andy Ostcliffe
    Online Operations Manager

  • jim
    8 months ago

    how much iof this money nade it to the sharp end
    how many lives were improved or saved
    should be the numbers that are bragged about

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