‘The global demand for British goods remains high:’ PayPal director

By Sasha Fedorenko February 8, 2019 - 10:30 am

The global demand for British goods remains high,” is how a PayPal director summarises the state of affairs following the Brexit vote.

Speaking to Tamebay, Nicola Longfield, director of small business at PayPal UK, takes a positive stance on the post-Brexit environment.

When asked how the payments supplier will support marketplace merchants’ growth – she begins by citing PayPal’s latest cross-border research. According to the study, the UK remains the biggest exporter in Europe. One in seven overseas shoppers have bought from UK sellers last year. The research surveyed more than 34000 adults across 31 markets.

Pointing to “particular demand [for UK products] from the US and China,” Nicola lists three things that could help sellers’ global trading after Brexit. First, informing sellers of the local market. Second, making merchants’ web shops suitable for the chosen country. Third, dealing with international shipping.

She says that the online guide to international selling, PayPal Passport, can remove the “daunting” process of understanding local customs. It is designed to “target shoppers with a country-specific” set of sales tools. Once businesses are ready to make sales, she says, PayPal’s Global sellers’ scheme automatically translates product details and converts prices in more than 60 markets.

Touching upon a “barrier” of international trading, Nicola says that PayPal Return Shipping On Us makes returns “hassle-free.” The service covers up to £15 of shipping cost per return, for up to 12 eligible returns per year across 40 countries.

Matching payments with shoppers’ preferences

Businesses should look to their customers’ preferences to see where they can be adapting for success,” is the phrase Nicola uses to describe a well-suited payments strategy.

While a slow checkout experience can frustrate a customer, a seamless one can create loyalty. For example, PayPal One Touch service remembers users’ details and processes a payment “[quick[ly] and simpl[y].

When it comes to mobile shopping, she advises sellers to “adapt the checkout page for use on a smaller screen to help reduce the risk of abandoned purchases.”

“Finally, we know consumers are more likely to buy from websites with payment options they recognise. Capitalising on that by offering trusted options like PayPal can make all the difference.”

– Nicola Longfield, director of small business, PayPal UK

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    But Chinese tax-free goods, from tax evaders is the highest

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