Amazon parcel collection to be available on public transport vehicles

By Sasha Fedorenko February 6, 2019 - 10:22 pm

Amazon parcel collection could one day be available for customers via public transport vehicles as they on their daily commutes.

The marketplace won a patent for mobile pick up locations which will see shoppers collecting parcels more conveniently. The new initiative is designed for customers to collect their deliveries from vehicles they take every day travelling from home and the office.

Shoppers can track and locate their items via GPS and receive text messages informing them of parcels’ arrival.

Amazon will also provide shoppers with an option to collect their goods from local bus stops. Alternatively, they can pick convenient locations.

This news comes as Amazon looks to establish themselves as an independent logistics player. The marketplace added, “fulfilment and logistics” companies for the first time to a list of industries that present “intense competition” to Amazon.

While logistics suppliers such as FedEx and UPS provide last mile services for the marketplace, the news suggests Amazon consider their increasingly advanced fulfilment solutions as a differentiator to other players in the field.

Would you trust a buyer to catch the bus on time to collect their parcel?

  • John
    3 years ago

    Its not the buyer you would have to trust, its the bus service. Its so unreliable. They are often late, missing, or just full and you cant get on.

    It just wouldnt work for buses, they are not a parcel delivery service, too many factors affect their operation. I wouldnt use them.

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