Amazon own brand furniture launches in UK with Movian and Alkove

By Chris Dawson February 13, 2019 - 11:28 am

Amazon UK have moved into the furniture market unveiling two Amazon own brand furniture offerings – Movian and Alkove. These are the first Amazon own brand furniture available in the UK. Including stylish products for the living room, dining room, and bedroom and, the home and interior lines aim to refresh the home with versatile pieces that fit seamlessly into various lifestyles.

Movian offers a flexible and practical collection of modern, Scandinavian-inspired furniture. From a minimalist single bed to a Japanese-inspired wardrobe, the product range includes trendy furniture for every space in the home. With functional products like the andre accent chair, Movian offers quality items that are designed for customers taking their first steps to create a unique living space. At launch, 33 Movian products are offered

Alkove is a high-end brand for customers looking for premium design and quality materials. The brand offers a superior quality collection of sophisticated key pieces like this sleek, handcrafted leather sofa. Stylish products like the wild oak bed and an extendible table made from solid beech wood, enable customers to transform their homes into eye-catching and luxurious spaces.

A word of warning for Amazon merchants, lighting, additional home furnishings and textile items will be introduced to the Amazon own brand furniture ranges in due course. Textiles especially covers a wide range and could include everything from curtains to bed linen. It’s worth noting that Amazon routinely use Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Sponsored Brands as well as their ‘Own Brand’ banners to promote their own products. At launch, 51 Movian products are offered

Amazon point customers to their new destination for home inspiration at where they say home owners can find a broad selection of furniture including Amazon own brand furniture and Amazon exclusive brand furniture. (Amazon own brands are products commissioned by Amazon whilst Amazon exclusive brands are products made by established manufacturers but only available on Amazon).

For Amazon to set up a new destination microsite dedicated to furniture is sending a strong signal that they are looking to heavily promote and rapidly expand in the category.

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