Amazon Brand Analytics released in Seller Central

By Chris Dawson February 14, 2019 - 9:00 am

Amazon have released Brand Analytics in Seller Central in the US. This is a feature that contains valuable insights to empower Brand Owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities. Previously it was only available to Amazon Vendors with pricing starting at $30k but now Amazon Brand Analytics are available to in seller Central to Brand Owners who have successfully registered with the Brand Registry.

You can find Brand Analytics under the Reports tab in Seller Central. The reports listed below are available to Brand Owners. Click on each link to learn more about the data provided in each report. Data is generally available in Brand Analytics within 72 hours of the close of a given period.

Amazon Brand Analytics Search Terms report

The Amazon Search Terms report shows Brand Owners how customers are finding their products and their competitors’ products on Amazon, including each product’s relative search popularity, click share, and conversion share.

  • The most popular search terms on Amazon during a given time period.
  • Each term’s search frequency rank.
  • The top three products that customers clicked on after searching that term.
  • The top three product’s click share and conversion share.

Brand Owners can look up a specific term to see the products that Amazon customers are clicking on after searching for that term, or they can search for a specific product to find out which terms are driving Amazon customers to click on that product.

What is search frequency rank?

Search frequency rank is the numeric rank of a specific search term’s popularity when compared to all other search terms during a given time period.

What is click share?

Click share is a percentage determined by the number of times Amazon customers clicked on a particular product after searching for a given term, divided by the total number of times Amazon customers clicked on any product after searching for that term.

What is conversion share?

Similar to click share, conversion share is a percentage determined by the number of times Amazon customers bought a particular product after searching for a given term, divided by the total number of times Amazon customers bought any product after searching for that term. Click share and conversion share are independent of one another, and conversion share can be higher than click share.

  • 2 years ago

    It does look interesting… I did check it out and while they don’t provide information on an exact number of clicks, the best feature from these reports is that now we can see how clicks are distributed to top listings in search. (this is great to see which images work best for competitors and attract the highest CTR from search traffic).

    It’s a shame that it’s only available in the US though…. I wonder why do they delay these new features to other marketplaces. For example, the product VIDEO option is available on for many months now but no signs of it coming to the UK yet. It’s a super powerful feature and I see no reason for such long delays on implementing it.

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