2019 US Forecast on Apparel Shopping Trends

By Chris Dawson February 14, 2019 - 10:00 am

A new report from CPC Strategy (now part of Elite SEM), states that Amazon is leading the growth Apparel Shopping Trends. The Marketplace has attracted big-name apparel brands, launched over 60 private label apparel brands of its own, generated over 5 million apparel sales on Prime Day, and is projected to surpass Walmart as the top US apparel retailer.

US consumers are buying more frequently and interestingly appear very open to buying from Private Labels. The days of the big fashion houses being able to command the lion’s share of the sales may well be numbered.

Apparel Shopping Trends Main Findings

Amazon Dominates

Amazon continues to dominate as the first stop for online shoppers, with brand websites coming in second for younger shoppers. 63% of Gen Z and 57% of Millennial shoppers are already purchasing apparel from Amazon, with Gen Z also showing a strong affinity for buying clothing directly from brand websites

Online shopping frequency increases

More people are shopping online for apparel more frequently – Shoppers that purchase apparel online regularly (at least once a month) and frequently (once a week) have both increased since last year’s survey, up to nearly 24% of all shoppers.

2019 US Forecast on Apparel Shopping Trends Purchase Frequency

Mobile is growing

Mobile is catching up to desktop with young shoppers. 63% of shoppers are still using desktop for apparel shopping, however, 42% of these same consumers also use mobile — a number bolstered by Gen Z and Millennial shoppers.

Private Labels attract shoppers

Shoppers are willing to explore private label basics. 47.4% of shoppers said they would consider purchasing off-brand casual apparel over a name brand. These shoppers are also more open to trying unfamiliar brands that sell active and outerwear.

Your strategy on Amazon

There is a clear indication here that the way to success on Amazon is to introduce your own branded merchandise. If you already source products from the Far East, there is likely to be very little difference in cost for apparel with a generic label and the same apparel with your brand label stitched into the neck. On Amazon, the big difference is that you then stand aside from the crowd, eliminate all competition and, as you build sales and reviews, own the ASIN.

This is what Chinese retailers have been doing for a number of years as revealed in our article on Grace Karin. It’s a strategy that works and one that Chinese retailers are exploiting to the full and often times are ahead of Western merchants.

Top of the Private Brands on Amazon currently, is what’s been dubbed ‘The Amazon Coat’. It’s a brand called Orolay and this particular garment, having attracted 6,000 reviews on Amazon, was the number one selling fashion item this winter.

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