WorldFirst US operations will be re-branded as Omega

By Chris Dawson January 31, 2019 - 6:49 pm

WorldFirst US Operations are in the process of shutting down. It’s important to note that services for WorldFirst customers based outside of the US, including in Canada and the UK, will be unaffected by the US closure, and customers will continue to be able to receive and send payments into the US as usual.

WorldFirst US Operations will be re-branded as Omega and subsequently operate independently of World First Group. Transacting with Omega does not affect your rights and obligations under your original contract, terms and conditions with WorldFirst. If you have trades that are pending, or payments that are due to be made, these will be processed as normal, but no new instructions or deposits will be accepted unless in exceptional circumstances.

As of today for US clients, outbound transfers are only available to existing beneficiaries and forward contracts automatically closed out at market value. From Friday the 8th of February, any further incoming balances will be returned to sender and any remaining balances will be returned to the sender. AFter the 20th of February phone and email support will be discontinued.

The decision to discontinue with the US operations was taken by WorldFirst shareholders.

WorldFirst’s US customers will be able to access support through 737-226-5240 or by email at [email protected].

Once again, this announcement only impacts WorldFirst customers based in the US. WorldFirst customers in the UK and indeed any country other than the US will see no change to their service.

  • Todd
    3 years ago

    For the record,

    World First/Omega seem to have received approximately $500 USD at the very end of this transition process and did not send this money on to me. I have provided proof that the money was received by their accounts and have not had a response since.

    Is anyone else in the same position?

    I do hope and expect that Omega will take care of this.

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