Top 10 countries by Ecommerce Spend

By Chris Dawson January 28, 2019 - 12:25 pm

When selling overseas, often the primary concern for ecommerce merchants is which are the easiest countries to target. Traditionally the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland were top targets as they are English speaking countries so, apart from cultural nuances, there was no need for translation. Countries such as Germany and France were next on the list due to their close proximity and market size. But there is another way to target countries so today we reveal the top 10 countries by ecommerce spend.

Targeting countries by ecommerce spend of their inhabitants beings some interesting territories into play. Germany, the power house of the EU, suddenly find themselves down at the bottom of the list. Countries which aren’t routinely top targets for British merchants such as South Korea, China, Japan and Israel come into play.

There are good reasons, such as regulation, language, cultural differences, product expectations, why western retailers don’t consider these countries to be top of their list to target. But with software solutions and services companies springing up all the time to ease the way it’s time to start considering targeting countries which, whilst they may be outside your comfort zone, have greater consumers spending power than most of Western Europe.



Ecommerce Spend per Capita

#1 United Kingdom $4,201
#2 United States $3,428
#3 South Korea $2,591
#4 France $1,946
#5 China $1,855
#6 Australia $1,764
#7 Canada $1,746
#8 Japan $1,488
#9 Israel $1,361
#10 Germany $1,283

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