Parcelforce Worldwide express24large launch

By Chris Dawson January 16, 2019 - 9:00 am

Parcelforce Worldwide are launching a one day large parcel delivery service for customers who book online.
The express24large service will complement the express parcel carrier’s two day delivery service, already offered for large parcels.

The new service offers generous size limits of 2.5m length and 5m length and girth combined. There is an individual parcel limit of 30kg with no limit for the number of items within an order.

Customers can opt to have their large parcels collected from their home or business address, or drop off at one of Parcelforce’s 54 depots.

Anyone can use the fully-tracked service, with inclusive compensation up to £100 and the option to enhance.
Prices below are for the new express24large service and include VAT at the standard rate:

Weight up to (Kgs)
Depot Drop Off
2 £39.30 £42.30
5 £40.32 £43.32
10 £43.74 £46.74
15 £50.88 £53.88
20 £55.98 £58.98
25 £67.26 £70.26
30 £71.40 £74.40
Add per kg* £1.56 £1.56

Rewards4U members can save a regular 15% off these prices.

You can find out more about Parcelforce’s large delivery services here.

To book a parcel now, click here.

*This price refers to a multi-parcel consignment to the same address; where the parcels together total more than 30kgs, the price charged per kg over 30kg is £1.56.

  • 7 months ago

    Seems very expensive to me.
    Have a look at DPD Freight as a comparison, or P4D which seems to beat all the sizes in this rate table

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