No-deal Brexit logistics: ‘stockpiling is one of the solutions’

By Sasha Fedorenko January 23, 2019 - 1:10 pm

Stockpiling the necessary volume of goods for trading in the event of no-deal Brexit “is one of the solutions” for merchants, says Pinder Sahota, general manager UK of Novo Nordisk.

Speaking of the concerns and growing uncertainty of Brexit, Sahota said that stockpiling is the first step sellers should take to avoid trading issues. The second step should be the replenishment of the merchant’s stock.

However, there are certain factors beyond sellers’ control if the UK would leave the EU without any trade agreements in place. Pointing to those factors such as unforeseen delays at the Dover port, which managed 17% of UK’s trade, she said that it would be worth to consider alternative ports to Dover. His concerns come as the study by Border Force predicts a significant reduction in trade via Dover of more than 80% for up for six months in the case of no-deal Brexit.

Other elements also add to the equation including dependence on the government to secure new priority shipping routes. Yet, with so much uncertainty on the future of the logistics sector, merchants would like guidance from those in power before they proceed with their no-deal Brexit scenarios.

Dover is the key one where it all comes through today, but we would welcome Poole, Felixstowe, Hull (Immingham), Portsmouth, as many as possible to make sure that the disruption can be minimised. We would welcome clarity on that as soon as possible… We are comforted that plans are going to be put in place but would welcome some certainty. The delays are unknown, which is why we have built the stocks, why we have booked air freight, and we will be looking to other ports as well in addition to Dover.”
-Pinder Sahota, general manager UK of Novo Nordisk

As it appears merchants are taking matters into their own hands as the government is still working on the Brexit plan, with 65 days remaining to end the UK’s membership with the EU. While what remains certain is the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit case, but how are you preparing your business in the event of hard-Brexit?

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