More competition for Pet Food merchants on Amazon

By Chris Dawson January 21, 2019 - 7:02 am

Amazon have launched their own brand of pet food on Amazon, Lifelong. Whilst this will doubtless mainly impact the larger manufacturers such as Felix and Whiskers, it also indicates a wider push into the lucrative pet food and accessories category.

Developed by pet nutritionists and checked by veterinarians, Amazon say that Lifelong’s products are made with carefully selected ingredients. The range is made without added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, showing love and care for your beloved companions.

Amazon already run a competition for the ‘face of Amazon pets‘ and have a number of own brand products in the category. Whilst not too many merchants will produce their own pet food, many will supply other brands on the marketplace but what will really increase competition is the other Amazon Private Brands in the pet category selling accessories for animals.

In addition to the new Lifelong pet food Amazon Private Label, we believe we have identified a number of other pet related Amazon Private Labels including Amazon Basics pet toys, Auto Companion car boot protectors, Solimo dry cat and dog food, and Ultrasport and RTS horse accessories.

About Amazon’s Lifelong Pet Food

“Lifelong Complete dry food recipes are made using fresh and deboned meat, providing an optimal blend of protein and fat for pets. Dog food for mid and large breeds is available as 15kg, 10kg (2x5kg) and 5kg trial packs. Dog food for small breeds and cat food is available in 10kg, 9kg (3x3kg) and a 3kg trial pack. Lifelong Complete dog dry food and Lifelong Complete dry cat food are currently available in two flavours – either Salmon & Rice or Chicken & Rice.

The Lifelong Complete wet food for dogs and cats comes in a pack of either 24 or 96 pouches. Each pack includes four different flavors to offer a variety for every pet taste. Lifelong Complete wet cat food is available in different combinations that include; beef, chicken, turkey, duck, hake, salmon, cod, trout and plaice, all in gravy or jelly. Lifelong Complete wet dog food comes in two different selections – meat in gravy and meat in jelly – offering either beef & vegetable, chicken & vegetable, poultry & lamb and beef & chicken or beef, chicken, turkey and lamb.”
– Amazon

  • Kevin
    2 years ago

    It makes sense for Amazon to enter the pet food and pet accessory market. People can go onto Amazon and purchase bulk orders at a discount and get it delivered the next day. Only specialist shops sell a good selection of pet accessories where those shops are hard to come buy. People to onto to Amazon and browse tens of thousands of different pet accessories. Choose what they want but it and Amazon delivers it the next day.

    Amazon is onto a winner in the pet food and pet accessory market with its own branded goods.

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