Global Ecommerce Calendar 2019

By Chris Dawson January 2, 2019 - 6:02 am

WebInterpret have published a helpful global ecommerce calendar 2019 available for free download and setting out the key dates you need to be aware of for 2019. Along with the key dates are 5 tips for each month to help you maximize your sales potential on both domestic and international online markets.

For instance, did you know that in Europe there are big seasonal sales twice a year? Or that in Spain there’s the San Jordi tradition that can generate some extra sales for your store?

The GlobalEcommerce Calendar 2019 contains key ecommerce dates to make sure that you are familiar with the dates of events that drive ecommerce sales. You’ll also learn about more regional events that can provide your online store with plenty of sales opportunities, sometimes bigger than Christmas.

There are sales tips month by month to help you plan your sales & marketing strategy throughout the year. Plan your ecommerce activities consistently across 12 months and the user-friendly format makes it easy to keep track of crucial dates, sales events and check out relevant tips at a glance.

You can download your copy from the Webinterpret website.

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