Fruugo for Dutch retailers opens up Cross Border Trade

By Chris Dawson January 29, 2019 - 1:29 pm

If you’re a Dutch Tamebay reader then there is a new service to help you sell overseas. The marketplace integrator EffectConnect has made the Fruugo platform available to Dutch retailers. One of the biggest challenges for Dutch retailers is translation is a defacto requirement for cross border trade – outside of Holland and Belgium hardly anyone speaks Dutch (There are only about 23 million mother tongue speakers) but Fruugo for Dutch retailers offers translation as standard.

“Fruugo is already helping a few EffectConnect retailers—those early adopters who saw the cross border potetnial of the Fruugo marketplace—generate significant incremental revenue. Our collaboration and easy onboarding to Fruugo through EffectConnect now helps even more Dutch retailers access new markets and previously untapped revenue streams.”
– Ted Hettich, Chief Sales Officer, Fruugo

Fruugo enables millions of consumers in 32 countries, in 17 languages and 22 currencies to easily shop from retailers around the world. The seamless technology ensures that the shopper automatically views and purchases all products in their home currency and language, irrespective of the retailer’s “home” language and currency. The shopper can also choose to use any of the major international payment methods which Fruugo is fully integrated with, along with a wide selection of “local payment methods” relevant in each shopper’s particular country.

Fruugo operates on a “no sale, no fee” basis to the retailer, simply charging a commission when a customer buys your products. Traffic generation, language translation, currency conversion, payment processing and international customer service translation is all provided inclusive of its commission charges.

EffectConnect have years of experience in linking webshops to marketplaces such as Amazon, Coolshop, CDiscount, Wupti and LaRedoute and now the addition of Fruugo for Dutch retailers has opened up new opportunities around the world for Dutch retailers.

“Many Dutch retailers have the ambition to sell internationally, but in practice they struggle with translating all data. We are enthusiastic about Fruugo, a marketplace which is a relatively new but growing marketplace in The Netherlands. Their translation service is truly unique and of great added value for our customers. Borders disappear more and more when we look at online sales, we see that there is a lot of sales of Dutch products abroad.”
– Bart Vintcent, CEO, EffectConnect

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