eBay executives talk about 2018 and eBay managed payments in new podcast

By Dan Wilson January 8, 2019 - 5:11 pm

Senior eBay executives have taken a look back on 2018 and answered questions from sellers in a recently released podcast. One topic that also gets mentioned is the ongoing trial and roll-out of eBay managed payments.

Bob Kupbens, eBay VP of Seller & Marketplace Operations, and Scott Cutler, Senior Vice President of the Americas cover an awful lot of ground looking back on 2018 in the hour long podcast and there is a lot of information about what is coming up in the year ahead. Crucial subjects for merchants including fraudulent seller returns, the continued roll-out of structured data and various seller rules get a look in. But it’s the information about eBay Managed payments that is of great interest. One point made is that there will be more developments soon and PayPal will become operational soon too.

You can listen to full podcast here and there is a transcript of the conversation available on this page too.

Managed Payments, a lot of you signed up, enrolled, saw over close to $40,000,000 of revenue just in the short time that Payments has been live already intermediate on that platform. So it’s working, it’s working well. There’s obviously some feature gaps that we’re planning to fill in 2019, but this is the start of a long journey and we’ve been super clear about that. So sellers are saving money and the folks who are in, in general feeling good and we’ve got work to do as we, as we get into 2019 and 2020, when that becomes more of a reality for everyone.
– Bob Kupbens, VP of Seller & Marketplace Operations

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