EMAIL Motors Picture Pack and Subtitle pricing hike

By Chris Dawson January 21, 2019 - 6:39 am

eBay Motors Picture Pack and Subtitle pricing is to increase from the 1st of February 2019 on

From the 1st of February 2019, the price for Picture Pack will increase from $2.00 to $4.00 and the price for Subtitle will increase from $3.00 to $5.00 for Auction, Fixed Price, and Classifieds listings for the following eBay Motors categories:

  • Cars & Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Powersports
  • Other Vehicles & Trailers

This price change applies to listings on eBay’s US site only. There have been no price changes announced thus far for eBay UK or other eBay EU sites.

It is today somewhat unusual for eBay to make pricing announcements outside of their regular eBay Seller Release schedule. In recent years there have been two eBay Seller Releases per year, although in 2018 there were three. To date, we have no visibility as to when the first Seller Release of the year will take place – the best estimate is that in 2018 the first eBay Seller Release of the year took place on the 27th of February so we’d expect the first Seller Release of 2019 to take place at around the same time.

  • 2 years ago

    Expect even more Ebay fee hikes in 2019.

    Income isn’t growing in line with shareholder expectations because, well, Ebay isn’t really growing. It’s crabbing sideways and is overshadowed by Amazon which is roaring ahead.

    So the only option is to take even more off sellers.

    Well, someone has to pay for Wenig’s bonuses. But he’s worth it. When he’s not job-sharing at GM. Nice to know the guy running the show is a part timer.

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