2019: the year payments on eBay will really start to change

By Dan Wilson January 7, 2019 - 8:25 am

Payments on eBay will be changing over the course of 2019. And, so far as a British or European seller, you won’t have been impacted in any way by the tests and trials that the opt-in merchants in the USA have experienced. But during this year you will start to experience changes to what is the biggest development to the eBay marketplaces in many years.

Testing has begun in the USA but it’s voluntary there at this early stage. But doubtless over the course of this year the trials and test will be more widespread and experienced by more sellers around the world.

And just in case these changes have passed you by, here are the basics and links to the numerous things that we’ve already written, eBay merchants on this side of the Atlantic will start see changes as the full roll-out (at some point in 2020/2020) draws ever closer. The new compulsory system will see eBay intervening in payments across the marketplace. To use the buzzword, eBay will now be ‘intermediating” payments and PayPal will no longer be the standard global payment method.

Indeed, as it stands at the moment, with the new payments on eBay system (widely know as ebay managed payments), PayPal isn’t currently available. But that is expected to be remedied in 2019 and that will make a massive difference to the viability of the new system.

You should also be able to continue to opt out should you wish to for the remainder of the year. The tests so far have been entirely opt-in and we’d caution any merchant (regardless of your enthusiasm for the new payments on eBay service) because it could prove to be disruptive to your business.

Despite the potential for very huge upheaval during the transition period between now and some point (probably) in 2020, the new service does bring the potential of benefits for merchants that are welcome and those will become more apparent over the course of the year. Let us know about your experiences.

  • Toby
    5 months ago

    I would be interested to know the potential benefits…. Paypal is pretty much universally known and is about as trusted as any major payment system. The new system will be linked to ebay in a more obvious way and so no matter how good Arden may be, they will be viewed as ‘under ebays banner’ which isn’t good as trust in ebay is pretty much rubbish!
    Curious as to how payments will work if running paypal as well… it could mean 2 lots of financial accounts, 2 separate funding streams, one whcih is paid out daily ( i really dont want this), and another that i call off as i want it. To be honest from my point of you it will just be another layer of extra figures and work, basically just so Ebay can line their pockets a bit more with my money. ( not to mention that reducing my paypal flow will reduce my paypal merchant rate, thus costing me more!)
    However…. im open to hear of other benefits!

    • Alex Peters
      5 months ago

      Sadly I am fairly committed to Ebay having years of selling with them. The only light at the end of the tunnel is being able to retire soon and then telling Ebay to f**K off out of my life.

      They have to be the worst supplier I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They are dishonest, they tell lies, they make decisions that wouldn’t see the light of day in court.

      Every Ebay decision favours the buyer – I sold a brand new item worth £150.00 and the practised fraudster of a buyer claimed it was not as described and demanded a refund but refused to send the item back. In their defence Ebay insisted the buyer return the item. The buyer sent me a tracked airmail envelope containing nothing but a piece of paper saying “hello” I sent photos of the envelope with all postal information showing sender details telling Ebay the small envelope could not possibly have contained the item. What did Ebay do…. they refunded the buyer.

      These disgraceful decisions by Ebay are a daily occurence.

      A recent full page expose on Ebay’s disgraceful practices recently appeared in a daily newspaper (Guardian I think) and frankly after reading it I am surprised Ebay is still in business.

      Whoever invented Ebay came up with a world-beating format but sadly, it is now run by computer geeks who wouldn’t know good business practices if they bit them in the arse.

      Eating dog food… I wouldn’t spend a penny with Ebay and would rather walk a mile to a shop than buy from Ebay.

      Every single decision in Ebay is based on “how much can we screw off this customer?”

      Not for much longer!

  • Mac
    5 months ago

    Toby, so ebay sales have increased over the years despite trust in ebay being pretty much rubbish?
    Good trick.

    We don’t have to accept new payment system, just need to be able to drop ebay as a selling channel. To me it comes down to ‘what is best for my business’.
    To keep selling on ebay (which is a considerable chunk of my sales) I have to eventually use their payment method? Then will eventually use their payment method.

    • Toby
      5 months ago

      But ebay sales are stagnating in real terms. The online market has grown massively and ebay hasn’t. Their profits are held up by higher fees etc rather than keeping up with the sales trend. If you look at decent figures you will see that ebays growth has been steadily slowing year after year, yet others have increased. Ebays saving grace is it is considered to be cheap, cheaper than say Amazon… If you took that away all those that shop simply of price… would suddenly disappear.

    • T K
      5 months ago

      People complaining about fraud by deceitful customers, should not blame ebay. Ebay is not a court. In this situation you can go to a solicitor or small claims court.
      Once i purchased a 1m satellite dish from a seller, i receive a 90m dish with crap quality parts, cables etc. I contact the seller who told me I have to return everything at my own cost. I opened a return case, was refunded. He then pursued a payment through solicitor’s letters then a bailiff. in the end i paid him minus a certain amount to cover for the smaller dish.

  • Stig
    5 months ago

    I suppose this was inevitable since Ebay/Paypal was split up. Ebay wants its own in-house payment system to get a cut of the financial transaction. And of course to echo Amazon. As sellers we will get what we are given but what about buyers? Will they have to register a card with Ebay rather than using their PayPal account? Will this complicate or delay payments thus creating a potential barrier between buyer and seller? If PayPal remains an option I don’t think many buyers will bother to change payment methods as there is no financial incentive to do so.

    Unless Ebay’s transaction fees are less than PayPal’s I don’t think there will be any advantage to sellers. This is another change to suit Ebay’s pocket.

    We have had advance notice of the change – what about advantages – there are any?

  • Bob
    5 months ago

    Toby, once Paypal is brought into the mix again, it will be an eBay paypal account and not your personal one as I understand. All distribution of funds will still come daily via the Arden/eBay payment system. Of course that may change as time goes by.

    • Toby
      5 months ago

      Ah, the propblem with that is again my volume discount with paypal will go. No doubt paypal will offer ebay a discount and ebay will in turn offer us half of that!
      As for the daily transfers…. no!!!! I don’t want that. I want to be in control of our accounts and not have 31 transactions instead of 4 a month!
      But as you say… alot can change between now and when it comes in. I really want to believe that ebay will get this right…. but i just dont have the confidence going on past performance!

  • 5 months ago

    I don’t think buyers will be too concerned about registering a card with eBay – consumers are used to having to do this when buying online and it will likely be the same as Amazon’s One Click buying.
    One benefit to sellers may be an end to a buyer getting a refund through PayPal when the time limit with eBay has passed.

  • Tod
    5 months ago

    I buy and sell on eBay.

    As far as buying is concerned, If there was a great benefit to buying on ebay, that is you could pay through PayPal and if there was a problem, you could get a refund very quick and easily either from the seller or from PayPal themselves. For me, if there is no PayPal choice I will probably buy elsewhere.

    As for selling it works in reverse. If there is a problem you can sort it out very quickly through PayPal, and its only one tier of paperwork. There is only one beneficiary to all this and that will be ebay themselves. Its just another example of them riding roughshod over the seller who are ebay’s true customers. I will really consider stopping selling on this platform altogether.

  • Mark
    5 months ago

    Well it will unravel as another blow to sellers.

    At present with the new enforced 30 day returns a buyer has not really purchased an item until the 30 days are up as it could come back. So a high value product where you only stock about 2 will now be out of stock for a month as you do not want to restock and then have it returned putting pounds on your shelf. Then eventually eBay will hold this payment for 30 days as well to earn more interest with Ayden meaning yet more misery. They continually treat sellers as if they are multi million pound businesses and ignore the fact most sellers on eBay are small and cannot afford most of these practices but eBay just plough on regardless and keep teling us sales are up when google searches show a different picture. Sellers sales are down. eBay profits are up as they are making us bleed.

  • Gillian Frosdick
    5 months ago

    I’m a buyer and a seller. I’ll buy elsewhere from eBay and buy from straight from etsy as quite a lot of eBay sellers are already on there.

    I only trust PayPal, I do use stripe but have been told by buyers that they do not trust this system and prefer PayPal as it’s a name to trust.

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    When will there be any good news on the eBay platform? Enforced 30 days returns now- any return request can’t be fought either- there is no seller protection whatsoever. Another empty box return from America this week of an expensive collectible item- this is now rife and just can’t be dealt with. Add on top of that disbursement system payments that will be clearly in favour of eBay,,,,,, many sellers will be wondering if it’s worth it anymore. We certainly are- after 16 years of trading on there it looks like this year could be our last

    • Alex Peters
      5 months ago

      Empty box return from America? So… I’m not the only one who experiences this.

      We refuse to offer 30 day returns as it only encourages the dishonest to use the stuff and then return it. It is now so common it has a name – SERIAL RETURNERS

      The 14 day returns policy in law (the distance selling regulations) are there to protect buyers from dishonest sellers NOT to provide a suck-it-and-see opportunity for every chancer on the planet.

      By only offering 14 day returns Ebay then punish me by reducing my visibility on the platform and my sales are 30% down month on month despite listing many more items.

      I now spend ALL my energies on other selling platforms.

    • Mark
      5 months ago

      Easy to win the empty box returns cases.

      Just allow all returns to be executed by eBay.
      Then as soon as they ignore you and refund the buyer but not you trying to wash their hands of you.

      Write them a letter/email titled “notice of intent”

      Then clearly state that under the terms and conditions of the carrier (whoever eBay used) it clearly states that the shipper must have ensured the item was securely and safely packed for the journey.
      They never saw or packed the item so they broke the terms and condition of the contract between themselves and the carrier. You can download any carriers T’s & C’s from their websites.

      eBay will settle very quickly i can assure you.

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