Walmart launches new ‘order and pay in-store’ payment app service

By Sasha Fedorenko December 6, 2018 - 10:48 am

Walmart have announced a launch of a new payment app service that will see shoppers ordering and paying for an online item in-store.

The marketplace’s new service is designed to bind the best online and offline practices via a new in-store app. Customers are able to order items they can’t locate in the supermarket via sales associates’ help, who are equipped with a device that has the new app. Shoppers can have their desired item delivered to their home or a local store for free and then pay at the checkout point with an email receipt. The new payment app service connects a pool of Walmart digital and bricks-and-mortar stores to deliver more convenience to shoppers.

The best feature of the app, say Walmart, is that it gives shoppers the flexibility of paying by cash, checkpoint, credit card or Walmart Pay.

These news mark Walmarts early announcement that promised to see store staff using the new app on hand-held devices to allow them to assist with merchandise on the spot. However, the disadvantage is that the new payment app service is limited to products sold by Walmart so if you’re a customer that wants to buy third-party seller goods our advice would be going on your PC to purchase a wide range of goods.

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