US National Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2018 - 10:00 am

Flags across the US will fly at half mast for 30 days and this Wednesday, the 5th of December, much of the US will shut down as a National Day of Mourning marks the death of former President George H.W. Bush who passed away on the 30th of November. This will include most governmental departments, the US Postal Service, the Stock Market and the Supreme Court.

At 11am on the 5th there will be a state funeral held at the Washington National Cathedral.

“I do further appoint December 5, 2018, as a National Day of Mourning throughout the United States. I call on the American people to assemble on that day in their respective places of worship, there to pay homage to the memory of President George H.W. Bush. I invite the people of the world who share our grief to join us in this solemn observance.”
– Donald J. Trump, President, United States of America

At this busy time of year, the US Postal Service says that limited package deliveries will take place and that they don’t expect any longer term impacts on the Christmas post.

“Out of respect for President Bush, the nation’s 41st commander in chief, and to honor his vast contributions to the United States during his lifetime, and consistent with the presidential proclamation, the Postal Service will observe the national day of mourning.

The Postal Service will suspend regular mail delivery and retail service Dec. 5. USPS will provide limited package delivery service that day to ensure that the postal network remains fluid and USPS does not experience any impacts to its package delivery operations that might negatively affect customers or business partners during the remainder of the busy holiday season.”
– US Postal Service

It is likely that the 5th may turn out to be a busy shopping day, once the country have paid their respects on the National Day of Mourning, those who are off work may well be turn their thoughts to preparing for Christmas and with much of the country shut down, online retail may see an upward blip.

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