Shop UK on Etsy – Tests show UK items to UK buyers

By Chris Dawson December 17, 2018 - 11:03 am

Etsy are running a test with a new, local browsing experience for shoppers in the United Kingdom. They appear to have realised that often UK buyers will prefer to buy from UK sellers due to shorter shipping times and no import taxes to worry about and so are testing making it easier to shop UK on Etsy.

You won’t find that all items from overseas are hidden, but Etsy are testing a new browsing experience in which UK shoppers will see more items from UK shops appearing in their search results. The goal of the test is to make it easier for shoppers to find local items they’re interested in.

If you are a buyer on Etsy you may or may not notice an increase in the number of items from UK sellers shown in search results. This is because the Shop UK on Etsy test will only be shown to a percentage of users. The tests started on the 13th of December so has been running over last weekend – traditionally the busiest sales weekend in the run up to Christmas.

Etsy run many tests over the course of the year, but this would appear to be one that UK sellers would appreciate. It’s also testament to the growth of Etsy in the UK and the number of merchants now selling on their marketplace – they can only show more UK based products in search results if there are enough UK sellers listing them.

Etsy is an often overlooked marketplace with it’s focus on handmade and craft items, but it’s worth remembering that in recent years they’ve somewhat relaxed their criteria for selling, particularly in the craft supplies categories. If you’ve not checked out Etsy recently it’s worth considering if the marketplace is suitable for some or all of your products.

  • 3 months ago

    I think it’s working – as a UK Etsy seller my sales tend to be largely inernational, but seen a flurry of UK buyers the last few days.

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