Royal Mail urge consumers to get their Christmas shopping done early

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2018 - 9:59 am

Royal Mail‘s very own Santa Claus is encouraging customers all across the UK to help Royal Mail beat the Christmas rush by posting early for Christmas. Santa Vic Amor has been helping the Real Father Christmas for 47 years at Swindon Mail centre helping to make sure parcels, letters and cards are delivered to over 30 million addresses throughout the country and consumers can help by getting their Christmas shopping done early.

Santa Vic knows first-hand what it is like to deal with the masses of Christmas parcels and cards Royal Mail receives every Christmas. He also knows only too well that customers posting early helps his colleagues and the company manage the bumper mailbag during its busiest time of the year.

The health and safety representative dubbed “Swindon’s Santa” is urging customers to always use the postcode on cards and parcels and to always to include a return address. This helps to ensure mail isn’t delayed in the postal system.

“I know the lengths everyone, everywhere in Royal Mail goes to during the festive season to help ensure parcels, gifts and cards are delivered on time at Christmas. Please help Royal Mail at its busiest time by posting your parcels, cards and gifts early and using the postcode and a return address.

“Every year I look forward to delivering Christmas cheer and as the “Swindon Santa” I also get to bring extra festive cheer to many children in the locally.”
– Santa Vic Amor

“Christmas is the busiest time of year for Royal Mail and our customers. As we do every year, we are encouraging people to post and order presents early to help us spread the workload in the run up to Christmas. The postcode is critical at this time of year – it really does make a difference. We are asking everyone to help our hardworking postmen and women by using the postcode, writing clearly on their cards and parcels and including a return address just in case.”
– Simon Barker, UK process operations director, Royal Mail

The truth of Christmas shopping is of course that some people have had their Christmas shopping buttoned up for months, are hyper organised and have probably already shipped their presents. The people that make the Christmas rush tough on the Posties are those who haven’t even started their Christmas shopping yet and will leave it until the last minute. If that’s you than we have a top tip: Amazon not only ship really late but also offer festive gift wrap on many items and will ship right up to the big day.

  • 8 months ago

    “it really does make a difference. We are asking everyone to help our hardworking postmen and women by using the postcode”.

    If only 70%+ of buyers knew how to format an address properly, even down to having a space in the postcode.

    • Darren
      8 months ago

      WOW, there are still people not using a postcode in this day and age?

  • jim
    8 months ago

    guess what royal mail Christmas comes every year,
    get used to it,
    were sure my hermes are more than willing to lighten your load

    • 8 months ago

      @Jim I am sure they will but as one of my customers tonight requested “Please NEVER use Hermes”.

      I do not use Hermes and have always trusted in Royal Mail from a time I used to do mailings of 200,000 every two months and everything ordered went out via RM.

      Since my recent start up we only “send out orders” as everything is now done via the internet, but with 12/1500 as an average month and currently doing 800+ a week, I find that RM do great job.

      I have no idea how Hermes work or how they perform, so can not give an opinion, but… As far as RM go my experience is 99%

      My question is, why are some people so happy with RM and other not? Surely we all use the same service, so how is it that I & others get better service?

      That is not to say that Hermes do not give a good service.

  • Toby
    8 months ago

    Well Rm could start by helping themself…
    1, don’t scan a damn item until it is about to be handed over. Fed up with stuff scanned in advance and then finding that the customer isn’t in and so shows as delivered but isn’t. I have had this happen to me as a buyer as well as a seller.
    2, carry some damn calling cards. Again on too many occassions I have spent time chasing missing deliveries only to find that they are sat at the depot, with a neighbour etc… but no card was left so no one knew.
    3, If an item isn’t collected from the depot… please don’t take 3 months to send it back to me at the return address on it.

    These simple things will help no end…

    • jim
      8 months ago

      were not commenting on the quality of service, were commenting on royal mails attitude
      they know Christmas is coming, stop squawking ,
      do the job they take payment for ,
      they make fortunes out of christmas business ,
      gear up for it, and get on with it, like everyone else

    • 8 months ago

      @Toby On the rare occasion we do have a couple of occasions, but as I say, it is rare.

      Business customer service is a complete waste of time, twice in the last month I have written to the Delivery Office Manager at the depot where the item was delivered from and both times I had a call back the same day they got my letter. with the issue resolved. One of them was no calling card, although it was claimed that it had been left.

      They could stop leaving junk mail as I am sure people through that away along with a calling card if it was left.

      Overall I get a great service from Royal mail, when that stops happening I will leave, but the question is, who should I use instead?

      Who is this great delivery service with no faults?

    • 8 months ago

      @Jim How are they squawking?

      The post early for Christmas message has been around for as long as I can remember, even as a child.

      I once made the mistake of posting my New Year mailshot early, I posted 200,000 catalogues the day before Christmas eve, direct into Swindon Mail centre on two artic lorriess, and most of them got delivered on Christmas eve rather than between Christmas and New Year.

      I was not very happy, but as it turned out it went quite well.

    • mystic james
      8 months ago

      i swear i can actually see the future.
      i know, without any doubt, that Jim is going to be on here, sometime in January, complaining about Christmas presents being late, and that nobody told him he needed to order early cos it’s busy at Christmas, so it’s not his fault……

    • jim
      8 months ago

      @mystic james
      we will not be complaining
      many other ways of receiving prezzies other than royal mail

  • jim
    8 months ago

    “The post early for Christmas message has been around for as long as I can remember, even as a child.”
    they squawk the same message every year
    everyone else just gets on with the job

  • jim
    8 months ago

    royal mail live in the past
    back in the day of no internet, steam trains, and no jet aircraft
    the post early for Christmas message had some value,
    some time soon such as amazon will probably have an order Christmas morning ,for delivery Christmas afternoon service

    • 7 months ago

      @Jim I guess you just do not understand how things work.

      As well as telling people every year to make sure they post early, they also tell them the latest posting date, which in a way is telling people not to bother posting till that date as your item will still be delivered. In practice if everybody did that they would not be able to cope. No business would.

      I went away Friday arriving back Sunday afternoon and have spent the last two days packing non-stop to get the orders out. if all the customers left it till the 17th Dec. to order there is no way I could cope with 3-4 weeks of orders in 1-3 days.

    • jim
      7 months ago

      so why about a week before the 25th will there still be time to receive for Christmas
      plastered all over the web??????

    • jim
      7 months ago

      ” I went away Friday arriving back Sunday afternoon” ???
      if you cant cope with orders, thats not really how things should work either

    • 7 months ago

      @Jim Not really sure what your point is, if there is still time to receive mail for Christmas then why would they not advertise it to boost sales, if that is what they do?

      I coped with all the orders, 3+ days of orders, and everything went out in the post last night with all orders up to 3PM yesterday being posted. RM sent out a van to collect the first load and the rest went on the usual collection.

      My point was a simple one, if everybody left their Christmas shopping till the 17th I would not be able to cope, much the same as if everybody left posting their Christmas items till the 17th the RM would not be able to cope.

      Not rocket science…

  • jim
    7 months ago

    dont see your point either tyler
    if everyone posted early for Christmas it would have the same effect early, as everyone posting late

    • 7 months ago

      Well done Jim, good point, but they don’t do they, so no problem!!!!

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