Marketplaces 2018: Cosmetics Megastore

By Dan Wilson December 4, 2018 - 11:58 am

FlubitContinuing our Marketplaces 2018 series, today we look at the Cosmetics Megastore. To find a full list of marketplaces we’ve written about already, visit our Marketplaces 2018 page here.

Marketplaces 2018 is produced in association with, the largest UK owned marketplace to sell your inventory on.

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Marketplace overview

The Cosmetics Megastore is a new marketplace brought to you by Fruugo. It is dedicated exclusively to beauty products such as make up, fragrances and skincare items. It is currently in beta and just now only available in English but it’s reported that it will be available in the 32 countries and 17 languages supported by Fruugo early in 2019.

This is the first of 5 planned marketplaces that will be dedicated to specific categories and niches and launching over the next few months. In the pipeline are specialist marketplaces for watches, perfume, toys, footwear, sports clothing and equipment and vitamins and supplements. Keep an eye on Tamebay for more news as they roll out. Fruugo will be familiar to many of you already as an established marketplace that operates internationally as well as within the UK.

Fruugo is combining rapid sales growth with continued innovation of its services for retailers. These new category specific marketplaces will provide additional exposure for retailers listing their products on Fruugo. Retailers wanting to add incremental sales through risk-free international retailing just need to contact us at Fruugo in readiness for the additional sales they will generate in 2019 and beyond.
– Tony Preedy, Chief Commercial Officer, Fruugo

Seller registration and requirements

Sellers already listing on and using Fruugo are eligible and their relevant products can be included on the Cosmetics Megastore. Otherwise, you’ll need to go through the usual accreditation process that you can out more about here.

You are required to be willing to ship internationally to some of the overseas geographies that Fruugo serves. But one of the benefits of the service is that it can assist with translation and internationalising listings with relative ease. You should make your listings without sales tax because they will calculate that depending on which country you’re selling into disbursements will be made to you in your preferred currency.

Listings, fulfilment and payments

As a merchant, you fulfil all your orders and tracking isn’t compulsory. When you list, all you do is provide a product feed in some form. That could be Google Shopping, via the API, in a CSV format or using a third party multichannel service. Fruugo collects payments on your behalf and disperses them to you

The good news is that the Cosmetics Megastore enjoys all of the developed features of Fruugo and that includes the existing integrations that they have already established for listing and managing inventory on the marketplace and across all your sales outlets. For instance, if you already use Visualsoft, LinnWorks and PlentyMarkets to name but a few, you can plug in easily.

Tamebay’s take on Cosmetics Megastore

Obviously, this marketplace will only be of interest to merchants operating in this particular vertical but if you are then there are two very good reasons why the Cosmetics Megastore is worthy of consideration. The first is that it’s powered by Fruugo. They are a trusted operator, effective platform and a recognised brand.

Secondly, it’s another welcome niche marketplace that will likely enjoy traction and offer additional sales to merchants.

Have you used this marketplace to sell? We would love to hear about your experiences.

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