Hermes Christmas delivery promise returns for its sixth annual year

By Sasha Fedorenko December 4, 2018 - 9:40 am

myHermes are running their Christmas delivery promise initiative for the sixth annual year that will see customers obtaining their goods in time for the trading peak.

The programme is designed to ensure that merchants can offer their customers an accelerated last mile experience for their Chrismas shopping. Consumers with the UK addresses are eligible to take advantage of the initiative by putting through their delivery orders as late as a few days before Christmas. The conditions of the programme suggest the latest times for standard delivery are on the 20th December by 23.59pm and next-day shipment on the 21st December by 23.59pm.

Hermes say that each courier will make a minimum of one delivery attempt to ensure that the programme fulfils their Christmas delivery promise or customers will get their money back.

“We’re happy to honour our guaranteed Christmas delivery promise for the sixth year running as we want to deliver the best possible service for our clients and their customers at everyone’s busiest time of the year. The recent investments across our fleet and network of hubs and depots will drive this, including the use of our new premises in Hemel Hempstead that opened last month. We have also invested throughout the year in ongoing digital updates to improve control, flow of information and trust from our customers. We’re looking forward to supporting our clients as we head into peak 2018 to ensure that their customers and ours have the best possible delivery experience.”
-Martijn De Lange, chief executive officer of Hermes UK

These news come as Hermes have recently introduced a new distribution depot in Hemel Hempstead as part of their peak strategy. The supplier is focusing on smoothing the Christmas trading period for merchants and also mitigating the risks that come with a high demand for shopping.

  • Noneya beeswax
    1 week ago

    Hermes is utterly useless.
    Any company using them should be prepared for complaints about damaged/missing items.

    Just curl up in a corner and die hermes.

  • james
    1 week ago

    “Hermes say that each courier will make a minimum of one delivery attempt”
    Wow. talk about raising the bar!
    Are they sure they can live up to such grandiose promises?

    should bloody well hope you get a refund if the courier made less than one attempt to deliver the item.

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