Christmas eBay Flash Sale 10% off all toys etc this weekend only

By Chris Dawson December 15, 2018 - 11:07 am

In a final push for sales a Christmas eBay Flash Sale is offering 10% off in 8 top selling categories including toys. Even better, the coupon code can be used twice on each eBay account.

There is a minimum Purchase Price of £20 is not including related postage and packing costs or any taxes which may be due. The maximum saving is £50 (meaning you can get 10% off any purchases between £20 and £500 in a single transaction.

Christmas eBay flash sale Categories

The categories which the discount applies to are:

  1. Fashion
  2. Home & Garden
  3. Sports & Leisure
  4. Collectables (excluding Coins, Banknotes & Bullion)
  5. Health & Beauty
  6. Vehicle Parts & Accessories
  7. Toys
  8. Books, DVDs & Music

Effectively, with average fees running around 10% on eBay, the marketplace is waiving their fees for the weekend in these eight categories and giving buyers a discount code valid for every eBay seller, large and small. If you are a buyer all you need to do is make a purchase and enter the discount code PINCHME at checkout.

Make sure you enter the discount code before you complete payment – on both desktop and mobile version of eBay you’ll probably need to scroll down the checkout page and if you don’t enter the discount code then you won’t get your 10% saving.

eBay Flash Sale details

  • Starts: Saturday 15th December 10:00am
  • Ends: Sunday 16th December 11.59pm
  • 10% off everything in 8 categories listed above
  • Minimum spend £20, maximum discount £50
  • Enter coupon code: PINCHME
  • Available for 2 uses

    Full Terms and Conditions for the PINCHME Christmas eBay Flash Sale are on the eBay site.

  • 3 months ago

    Got a new battery for my van with 10% off, was buying it anyway but noticed the voucher offer on the listing.

  • Dave
    3 months ago

    was this not in Monday’s email? And it was out of date then……it is now even more out of date surely.

    I did spot it on ebay on Sunday and saved on some old / collectable paperwork.

    It would be good if ebay ran it all week ;o)

  • This would have been interesting to know (a valuable service / TIP from Tamebay) if it had arrived DURING – or better BEFORE the offer period. AS it is, this Tamebay message arrives on Dec. 18 – 2 days after the offer period ended.

    All we can do out here is cry about missing it.

    btw, in future when referencing eBay offers / policy / behavior, etc. PLEASE state whether the topic refers to eBay UK specifically / onky / eBay USA ( / all / other eBay sites.

    As a Tamebay subscriber – and eBay seller – in USA, these messages can be confusing if we don’t know which site(s) you refer to.


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