eBay Authenticate expands to luxury jewelry category

By Chris Dawson December 5, 2018 - 11:30 am have expanded eBay Authenticate into the luxury jewelry category on their US marketplace in time for Christmas. The service now covers more than 45,000 high-end diamond and other gemstone jewelry, verified by professional authenticators.

The eBay Authenticate service, which launched in the luxury handbags category in 2017 and luxury watches category earlier this year, now includes listings for necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, all marked with an Authenticity Verified label. eBay Authenticate sellers are a select group of eBay sellers whose authentication capabilities or products have been rigorously vetted by independent experts.

“eBay is home to the largest selection of luxury goods, which includes tens of thousands of jewelry items, fine watches, and rare and designer handbags. Expanding the eBay Authenticate service provides customers an added layer of trust and confidence as they shop for fine jewelry this holiday and beyond.”
– James Hendy, Senior Director, eBay Authenticate

Top eBay Authenticate jewelry deals

To celebrate this launch, beginning today eBay is offering special deals and discounts on select authenticated jewelry items starting today, including:

50,000 jewelry items are sold per day on eBay – that’s more than 2,000 sold per hour – and one diamond ring is sold per minute.

eBay’s Most Popular Gemstones

  1. Diamond
  2. Sapphire
  3. Aquamarine
  4. Amethyst
  5. Onyx
  6. Tanzanite
  7. Citrine
  8. Ruby
  9. Topaz
  10. Emerald
  • Adam
    9 months ago

    Owing to the unprecedented volume of counterfeit Sterling Silver jewellery, particularly within the fine jewellery category which has severely de-valued and practically annihalated the marketplace, it is vital that this initiative / programme also targets the wider fine jewellery category.

    Unscrupulous traders predominantly companies based in China have and continue to bypass all international trading laws at the detriment to the genuine ebay businesses who sell authentic jewellery.

    There is no legal jurisdiction for UK trading standards to exercise any authority to reprimand these traders and therefore global marketplaces like Ebay should take responsibility to better protect both consumer and retailer.

    An authentication / verified program was already suggested to Ebay Support countless times over the last two years and never onc acknowledged the obvious issue of counterfeit jewellery – both branded jewellery and immitation gold and Sterling Silver jewellery.

    Never has Ebay expressed any assurances and although this new initiative appears positive, I am skeptical whether it will have any tangible beneficial impact in the category. Will it do what it says on the tin?….only time will tell and hopefully it is not a case of “little too late” given their lack of enforcing their own policies are the cause in the first instance ironically.

  • Adam
    9 months ago

    Forgot to add:

    Am I correct that an additional fee of 20% is levied by ebay on each sale made through this service?

  • jim
    9 months ago

    in our opinion, its an admission by ebay
    you are not able to trust the existing

    • james
      9 months ago

      just like walking into a high street jewellers, for Mr Samuel to say
      “well you can have this ring for £1,000, but it might be made of tinfoil, or you can have the exact same ring for £1,200 but it’s definitely real. probably.”

  • Adam
    9 months ago

    There should be additional measures and selling criteria that forms part of a more robust and stringent authentication process to first and foremost register as a seller. Appropriate verification checks should be carried out and made compulsory and only upon approval should an individual or company be allowed to trade. It should not be a voluntary program. This applies to the whole market place period and not just a high value category.

    The Edinburgh Assay Office run Assay Assured which is a voluntary certification advocated by majority of leading national high street jewellers and independant online retailers. A fee of £125 per year is charged + VAT and involves regular monitoring of your retail website ensuring companies comply with a strict code of conduct and that all fine jewellery products are genuine. This service is not available if you are trading directly on Marketplaces, nevertheless this is a great for building invaluable trust and safety with consumers given it is run by an Assay Office directly.

    Ebay is a big enough platform for all to prosper if the playing field was level. The fine jewellery market is now de-valued unfortunately by counterfeiting. If this was issue was eradicated traders could charge the correct price for products – buyers will buy anyway – Ebay is always going to be the ‘cheapest’ ….sorry I mean ‘good value for money’.

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