How to buy Christmas Gifts on Amazon

By Chris Dawson December 14, 2018 - 9:00 am

Every year there are stories in the press citing rabid consumers claiming that Amazon has ruined Christmas. Amazon are shipping goods without putting them in Amazon packaging and simply sticking a label onto the retail packaging. They do this all year but when consumers buy Christmas Gifts on Amazon they suddenly decide to complain that the packaging is spoilt and often that their precious child has seen their Christmas present arrive and the surprise has been spoilt.

Amazon have a problem which is that they regularly face complaints over excess packaging and that a relatively small item arrives in a large box with yards of filler. They’ve worked with manufacturers to get products boxed in packaging which it can be shipped in to avoid excess packaging but that does mean they simply slap a label on the box and hand it over to the courier. Amazon are in a no-win situation.

Now however, with just a week to go before Christmas, if you’re thinking of buying Christmas gifts on Amazon you might want to ensure that the contents are hidden and packing labels aren’t stuck to the retail packaging.

How to get Christmas Gifts on Amazon packaged

There are two ways to get Christmas Gifts on Amazon delivered in Amazon packaging and ensure that they arrive in pristine condition.

Ship in Amazon Packaging

How to buy Christmas Gifts on Amazon Ship in Amazon PackagingOn many products that Amazon will ship in retail packaging by default, they prominently highlight above the Buy Box that the ‘Item arrives in packaging that reveals what’s inside. To hide it, choose Ship in Amazon packaging at checkout.’ Then on the checkout page itself there is a button just below the item details and price is the button to tick to ask Amazon to put the product into a box or mailing bag before it ships.

Ship in Amazon Packaging - Christmas Gifts on AmazonAmazon make everything very simple including ticking a single box when buying Christmas presents on Amazon to get them boxed in Amazon packaging. The problem they face however is that everything else about buying on Amazon is also very simple and consumers are so accustomed to simply clicking the buy button and waiting for the goods to arrive. Especially for those customers with a Prime subscription, buying on Amazon take as little as pressing the ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ and they don’t go looking for options such as Amazon packaging because they don’t even go through a full checkout.

Gift Wrap

Christmas Gifts on Amazon Gift Wrap serviceIf you’re buying a late present and want to ship it directly to the recipient, as well as ensuring that your gift ships in Amazon packaging you can also have it gift wrapped.

There’s a cost associated with gift wrap (£2.99) which includes some exceptionally high quality gift paper or gift bag both of which come with a ribbon. You can also optionally include a gift card with a personal message. Prices on despatch notes will automatically be hidden when you select Amazon’s gift wrapping service.

  • Darren
    8 months ago

    It seems the way to buy Christmas gifts on Amazon is to order whatever you want and then claim you didn’t get it, then you get them all as gifts.

  • james
    8 months ago

    “The problem they face however is that everything else about buying on Amazon is also very simple and consumers are so accustomed….”

    not accustomed, stupid. the word is stupid.
    “I didn’t tick the box that would make it all okay because i’m too accustomed to actually read, and so i’ll shout at amazon for doing exactly what i asked them to do, because of my sheer accustomability”

    make everything so simple that people literally can’t handle ticking a box, and so blame others for this, is stupidity. the stupid people would rather you called it accustomed, because they’re accustomed to being treated as if stupidity is a virtue.

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