Amazon to host 10,000 Chinese sellers in December

By Chris Dawson December 3, 2018 - 9:00 am

Amazon are preparing to host 10,000 Chinese sellers this December with the aim of helping them sell to the West.

“Intellectual creation, seeing the future – 2018 Amazon Global Open Seller Summit” will be held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 6th to 7th, 2018. The summit will unveil the global business opening 2019 business initiative to provide guidance and support for Chinese companies wanting to expand globally… which largely will mean Chinese sellers selling to Amazon’s biggest marketplaces in the US and Europe.

The “Sellers and Manufacturers Docking Conference” will also be held concurrently. Amazon Global Store will invite hundreds of manufacturers from across the country to negotiate directly with 10,000 ‘quality’ sellers on the Amazon site to help promote China.

Amazon, as have other UK and EU marketplaces, have cooperated with tax authorities regarding Chinese sellers and have faced the accusation that some have been avoiding VAT. Lists of hundreds of Chinese sellers avoiding VAT have been passed around but with the revelation that Amazon have 10,000 ‘quality’ Chinese sellers, the scale of the competition for UK and EU sellers is brought into stark reality.

We’ve written about some Chinese sellers on Amazon who provide what can only be described as terrible service and who are effectively middle men taking a feed from a manufacturer, listing on Amazon and either drop shipping or back to back ordering. The “cloud procurement” model Amazon are talking about is hopefully a robust way for the 10,000 Chinese sellers to order and hold stock rather than drop ship with poor customer service.

This massive push by Amazon to engage with Chinese sellers is a serious threat to domestic sellers on Amazon’s EU marketplaces – the days of box shifting low cost products and making healthy margins likely has a limited time before there’s no profit left to be had.

“2018 Amazon Global Store Seller Summit” highlights

Covering 11 hot-selling categories, more than 300 manufacturing companies and nearly 10,000 Amazon quality sellers accurately docked

as one of the important components of this summit, “Sellers, Manufacturers The Matchmaking Meeting will set up more than 300 booths for the manufacturer, including home department stores and furniture, apparel shoes and bags, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics, sports outdoor, office supplies, tools, home improvement building materials, beauty care, auto parts. There are a total of 11 hot-selling categories for maternal and child toys. The summit will arrange the participating manufacturers to directly connect with nearly 10,000 quality sellers, share with the “preferred matching” model and successful experience, help sellers improve product quality, optimize supply chain, continuously expand products and categories, and will also manufacture Enterprise transformation and expansion of the international market bring new opportunities. In addition, the new preferred manufacturer roadshow link and the “seller-manufacturer VIP conference” will increase the display of manufacturers’ brands and products, thus improving the efficiency of negotiations with sellers.

2019 strategic release, global store special training camp, Amazon’s whole point surprise and other links are more enriched

During the seller’s summit, the main strategy of Amazon’s global store opening will be interpreted in 2019. At that time, there will be Amazon Global Store Global and Asia Pacific. District leaders came to the site to interpret the new global cross-border e-commerce export model and provide ideas and plans for Chinese companies to continue to develop cross-border e-commerce export business with Amazon’s global store opening. In addition, there will be more rich links for sellers at the summit, including the “Global Shop Training Camp”, setting 12 hot topics and 36 official trainings to help sellers solve various problems. In addition, the summit will also launch a new link such as “Amazon’s whole point surprise” and “seller exclusive enjoyment”. The diversified setting will bring a full range of experience for the majority of enterprises from product to operation, from diagnosis to training.

Online and offline linkages and multi-channel heavy dissemination

The summit will also open up online and offline communication channels and open the “cloud procurement” model. The use of real-time interviews with manufacturers at the summit site, as well as online live broadcasts, further expands exposure and visibility for manufacturers, enabling sellers to better understand manufacturers’ products and enrich their purchasing options. Live traffic, WeChat and other online promotion traffic coverage is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of times. During the period from December 8th to 31st, Amazon’s global store will set up an online exhibition area. The 11 major quality manufacturers can display their main products, production capacity and factory features. The seller can also get the manufacturer contact information to further discuss the willingness to cooperate.

  • ifellow
    3 years ago

    taxfraudtastic, is my favourite Chinese seller on eBay. I love the way none of their products meets EU Safety and other standards most of all. Great prices as well.

  • 3 years ago

    Amazon do not care who pays the rent on their listings pages, its a win/win for them.

  • 3 years ago

    What a joke, I might need to get a Chinese name, then VAT all of a sudden becomes 0 rated, and 100% safe, no Chinese sellers have been arrested for VAT fraud, and 60% of the £1.5 billion a year VAT fraud comes from China. 40% from UK companies, problem is on companies house there are many LTD companies with Chinese national as directors.

    • Ifellow
      3 years ago

      All small registered UK companies get are admin errors and fines.

      HMRC is a joke.

  • 3 years ago

    34% of Amazon UK marketplace sellers are from China. This compares to 20% who are British sellers on Amazon UK.

    For a breakdown of the top Amazon UK sellers by country see

    • Rob
      3 years ago

      Interesting only two of the UK sellers have 100% feedback compared to more Chinese and German stores. Don’t have to provide great service to get to the top

    • SAM
      3 years ago

      It is just strangling UK merchants now. @Tom Roberts link makes interesting reading.
      We just spent a month getting trading standards onto a counterfeit seller from China based out of the UK taken down. ( eBay were hopeless as per normal, that lot are complicit)… in that time another 100 appeared all pushing the same pirate software.
      Time to seek pastures new.

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