Amazon Digital Day 2018 is coming on December 28th

By Dan Wilson December 19, 2018 - 11:03 am

The 3rd Amazon Digital Day has been confirmed to be going ahead and it will be coming this year on the 28th December. One of the purposes of Digital Day is to keep the sales momentum up after Christmas and maintain sales and interest on Amazon and other online sellers. But purely with digital, not physical, goods.

Another part of the idea of Amazon Digital Day is to plug goods to the new owners of all those Amazon and digital devices, all those Kindles and and the like: people have received the new hardware and now they want to consume more using them. This post-Christmas event puts downloadable items at the forefront and offers discounts and deals without the problems associated with physical delivery.

You can check out the landing page here and as that explains:

Digital Day is coming December 28, 2018 12AM PST, offering great end-of-year savings on digital content across Amazon. On December 28, you can shop Digital Day deals on or from your Amazon Fire tablet, Fire TV, Kindle, or compatible mobile device and take advantage of some of the year’s best digital deals on videos, music, apps, games and software! Get notified when Digital Day is live by subscribing to our newsletter below.
– Amazon

As an Amazon executive notes about the sales promotion:

Amazon Digital Day continues to provide great deals on digital content. We’re excited to help customers add new apps, games, movies, eBooks, Audible books, and more to their current device or the latest Amazon Fire tablet, Fire TV, or Kindle they just received over the holidays.
– Aaron Rubenson, Vice President, Digital, App, and Game Services, Amazon

This is yet another example of Amazon really rather cleverly creating a successful sales event, that shoppers might even come to anticipate, that almost exclusively exists to serve and favour Amazon. And whilst that is a cynical viewpoint, it doesn’t doubt or condemn Amazon’s ever-successful understanding of consumer psychology.

  • Amazon has not only taken positive advantage of the successful marketer’s phrase, “ABMO: Always Be Making Offers!”, but what they excell in to an even greater extent is “MORE: Making Ordering Ridiculously Easy!” Their ordering funnel is so beautifully refined, it really should be regarded as a master template for other online marketers.

    Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
    Author of, ” Cashvertising” and
    “Brain Scripts for Sales Success”

    • James
      7 months ago

      Drew has taken poor advantage of “forum trolling” to drop his advertistements in randomly around the internet.
      demonstrating qualities of “D.I.C.K: does include content knowledge” to make his self-serving advert -ALMOST- appear to be a contribution, while falling far short of actually doing so, and ending up being only mildly better than a pop-up animated advert for viagra.
      The method is so reprehensibly milked, it’s regarded as a master template for the Nigerian Princes and Flat Earthers of this world to deliver their spam free of email spam-filters.
      He’s also employed the aeons-old tradition of snake oil salesmen everywhere, of adding some fake initials after his name to make himself sound qualified, and borrowed someone’s white coat to point at a generic whiteboard for the same effect.
      Clearly Drew is a troll employing the T.O.S.H. (Totally Obvious S**t Hawker) methodology to try and scam dumb people out of money.
      If you fall for this kind of thing, then you probably deserve everything Drew does to you.

      James Horatio Isenbard Batman Awesomepants
      B.Y.O.B – L.M.F.A.O (hons) – R.S.V.P
      Author of “this rant” and “many others”.

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