100 million Amazon Prime Members order Two Billion Products in a year

By Chris Dawson December 3, 2018 - 11:03 am

It’s sometimes hard to imagine the scale of Amazon and the revelation that 100 million Amazon Prime Members ordered two billion products with one-day delivery over the course of the last year is an incredible statistic that’s just been released.

The Best of Prime 2018, highlights how Prime members around the world enjoyed their benefits throughout the last year. More new members worldwide already signed up for Prime in 2018 than ever before and, new this year, members in Australia can now experience Prime’s benefits – bringing the number of countries with Prime to 17. Prime members worldwide ordered more than two billion products with one-day delivery or faster in the last year, showcasing the breadth and value Prime members enjoy in delivery speeds.

“We love delivering smiles over the holidays, whether through fast, free shipping or deals on favorites like organic apples from Whole Foods Market, or award-winning entertainment like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Prime members worldwide ordered more than two billion products for one-day delivery or faster in the last year, which is pretty amazing.”
– Cem Sibay, Vice President, Amazon Prime

There are now over 100 million Amazon Prime Members paying their subscription around the world and there are only three ways to get your products in front of them:

  1. Amazon FBA – put your products into Amazon’s warehouse and let Amazon pick, pack and ship them to qualify for Amazon Prime
  2. Seller Fulfilled Prime – Qualify to ship your products from your own warehouse and meet Amazon’s standards to qualify for the Prime badge on your listings
  3. Self fulfil orders – If you self fulfil orders you’re reliant on Amazon or another merchant not offering the same product or the 100 million Amazon Prime members being tempted by your offer opting for slower delivery (or perhaps the same speed of delivery but without the Prime guarantee).

It’s worth remembering that Amazon may often show Amazon Prime customers products with higher prices but with the Prime Delivery promise. Prime Customers are directed towards products that qualify for Prime even if there are cheaper non-Prime options available.

Many merchants do of course run great profitable businesses without their products qualifying for Amazon Prime, but the question has to be asked how long it will be before Prime qualification for products becomes an essential strategy unless you have unique items and no competition.

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