Shopify payments expands to Germany

By Dan Wilson November 13, 2018 - 6:05 pm

The ecommerce platform provider has announced that Shopify Payments will be expanding and offered to merchants in Germany. This expansion offers German merchants with a new payments solution in addition to providing payment methods that are locally relevant to local customers. Working with leading payments provider Klarna, they say that Shopify Payments will offer payment methods that best suit customers in Germany.

Shopify Payments is linked directly to a merchant’s store, allowing you to receive payments from buyers using credit cards around the world and will process disbursements without an onerous set up process. All of this happens directly within the shopfront admin dashboard, right alongside the rest of your shop management, with the aim of making it easier to manage orders and merchant accounting.

To meet the growing demand for payment methods that are relevant around the world, they say that Shopify Payments has expanded its offering to Germany enabling Klarna’s Pay Later and Pay Now solution, Sofort. They claim that this provides an improved customer experience for shoppers, and also allows merchants to reach more buyers with improved payments options.

Shopify accidentally went global when merchants around the world began using our software. Now, we’re strategically going local. We want to make sure that Shopify works perfectly in Germany, and Klarna and its payment alternatives really complete our checkout system.
– Tobi Lütke, CEO, Shopify

Merchants will be able to offer their customers with the payment option to pay instantly via debit transfers at checkout or pay for the products they buy online up to 30 days later with no interest or fees. For shoppers in Germany, the “Pay later” option is one of the most widely used payment methods, giving shoppers the ability to trial a product before paying for it. Apparently for almost 27% of all German shoppers today prefer this payment method according to recent research.

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