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By Chris Dawson November 5, 2018 - 11:00 am

Makes Me Healthy is a new marketplace about to launch in time for Christmas focusing on the health and wellbeing markets. In the UK, it’s tough to create a general merchandise marketplace to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay, but there is space for niche marketplace, many of which we know successful retailers flourish on.

Jaspal makes me healthyMakes Me Healthy aim to fill a niche that’s not yet served by a specialist marketplace and, with plans to launch within the next few weeks, now is the time to sign up if you want your products and private label brands to be featured from the start.

We spoke to Jaspal Nijjar, founder of Makes Me Healthy, to discover more about the new marketplace:

What is Makes Me Healthy?

Makes me healthy is a niche marketplace for small to medium sized health, wellness and beauty brands to sell their products. Makes Me healthy is a platform to showcase and promote natural, organic and innovative health & wellness brands and retailers while creating a rich and fluid customer shopping experience.

Brands are getting lost in the 1000’s of listings on the regular marketplaces and spending more to remain visible to consumers. We don’t compete against retailers who list with us and want to build a strong relationship with each brand who partners with us.

We are selective about which brands who can list with us, so we can give our users a choice of curated and great products from small to medium sized brands, but at the same time limiting the amount of competition in product categories.

Our HQ is based in Huddersfield, UK and we have exciting plans including fulfilment services, rolling out European sales in 2019. Mobile selling is vital and we are developing our IOS and Android mobile apps.

We support listings across various categories including natural nutrition, beauty, bars & snacks, supplements and food & drink.

How did the marketplace get started?

I founded Makes me healthy on the back of discovering smaller brands and private labels on social media whose products I found innovative and unique but didn’t usually find them on the first couple of pages on searches on Amazon or Google. I saw there was no marketplace where I could purchase or find new brands. So, I wanted to create a platform which allows users to discover these smaller brands and private labels easily.

What are your launch plants

We expect to launch Makes Me healthy in around 2-3weeks in time for Christmas and the raised health awareness in January.

Selling with us means free marketing. We’ll be promoting brands who sell with us through various channels including social, influencer, email, onsite content & off-site partnerships.

Our marketing team will actively promote products in some of the following ways

  • Social media promotion on facebook, twitter, Instagram
  • Blogs & imagery to highlight the benefits / USPs of your brand and products
  • On site promotion such as banners and links
  • Email newsletter promotion to our growing subscriber base
  • Create video reviews
  • Work with affiliate/ influencers
  • Work together with brands to sell via our “box and bundle” page

As we are solely listing health and beauty products, unlike other marketplaces, our marketing strategy will be very focused to raise awareness to a very targeted and engaged audience which will allow us to grow significantly and in turn the brands who list with us.

What has initial reception been like?

Over 70 brands have already signed up to Makes Me Healthy and initial reception has been very positive. Brands we have spoken to are very enthusiastic about the marketplace and our future plans including mobile apps and fulfilment. Both the concept and execution has been welcomed by brands and the ease of use of the admin panel, and how products added are instantly visible online.

Currently we are in the seller recruitment phase. We know that small brands can be busy and we want to make their experience in listing and selling as easy as possible. To assist them on-board we are creating their listings and setting up their profiles.

What type of retailers should be interested?

Makes Me healthy is a platform that appeals to small to medium sized health, fitness, beauty, wellbeing and supplement brands.

Listing with us means no risk, as we don’t charge any monthly subscription fee.

It can be extremely difficult for start-ups brands who have tight budgets, which is why the site has no set-up fees and offers ‘no sale, no fee’ terms, while those that sell through the site will see lower fees than other marketplaces.

We are integrated with PayPal and our fees are set to 9% commission on each sale. Being competitive on price is important which is why we keep our commissions low and encourage brands to give the best prices to consumers.

How do I sign up?

So why wait? Its risk free to list with Makes Me Healthy and get your products listed on a niche marketplace that wants to grow your brand and sales.

Sign up for your free account to get started on Makes Me Healthy

  • 11 months ago

    Like OnBuy they claim:

    *Lower seller fees than other online marketplaces for related products.
    *Low commission rate of 9.0% (eBay 9% < 10% for Top-rated Seller)

    Maybe people are not taking eBay seriously these days as they predominantly mention Amazon.

    Whilst On-boarding to help new sellers get online is a good idea, the next important step is to be able to sync your sales / stock across various platforms, without the ability to do that would cause most sellers complete chaos, especially at this time of year. Unless you can afford to have stock sat on a site that may not sell it, as a reserve for your other market places.

  • eli
    10 months ago

    We have tried onbuy and had about 10 to 15 sales the last year which we sell more then that a day on amazon we love the idea of new marketplace’s but none so far have anything to offer for either the buyer or seller here is how we look at it,

    Seller they charge 9% plus paypal so thats around 12 % plus 20p so it.s the same as ebay and amazon 15% but no 20p so more or less the same
    plus Amazon have FBA which make things a lot better for everyone you also have’ and so not sure it worth for the seller

    Buyer ,lots of people have prime which give them next day….

    so what we need is some thing better than Aamzon to really work and even ebay is falling in sales so still waiting for some theing to come and i think only like in usa were walmart and fighting back we will need some one like Tesco with real money and power to really compete with amazon

  • Jay
    10 months ago

    Tesco are not even in the same league as Amazon these days.

    Name one company that really has the innovation, the money and the “need” to become a “new” Amazon and provide ALL of the same services that Amazon currently offer, AND bring them all to market at the same scale within the next 5 years? 10 years? Likely Impossible.

    I personally feel there isn’t a single company on the planet that could or even wants to do it, hence why nobody is really trying.

    The “let’s copy Amazon” idea just isn’t a good one unless you plan on going bankrupt.

    • eli
      10 months ago

      So do you think we should all just watch how Aamzon takes over and then kicks as all of the platform.
      Their is some great company’s in china like alibaba which are huge scale but not sure they are coming to uk so soon and walmart in usa are trying very hard we just need in Europe some big company to do it but it seems that Europe company’s do not have the know how in tech as we see all the big company’s in tech are from USA and China, Europe just get a bit from them so we have to wait till they decide it’s worth it for them to come to Europe

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