Make offer on eBay Watched items feature being tested

By Chris Dawson November 9, 2018 - 11:50 am

eBay are testing a new feature on the site enabling sellers to a make offer on eBay Watched items. Many buyers will add an eBay item to their watch list and up until now sellers could see the number of watchers but had no way to entice those buyers to complete the sale. Now, at least for those sellers included in the test, they can make an offer on eBay Watched items and tempt the buyers to press the buy it now button.

“Sellers have also reached out to us asking for the ability to make offers to Watchers, AKA potential buyers who are watching their items. We heard you, and we’re making it happen. With this new feature, you’ll have another tool to help close potential sales.”
– eBay

If you are in the eBay test group you can select Offer to Watchers on your active listings page to see your eligible listings. (Most sellers will need to check each page their your active listings to see which ones are eligible.) After you make an offer, you’ll see Offer sent next to the listing.

eBay have put checks in place to ensure that buyers aren’t overwhelmed with multiple offers from different sellers so there’s no guarantee that you will be able to successfully make offers to every potential buyer watching your items.

As with all new eBay feature, it is being tested with a small group of sellers to test the experience for both buyers and sellers. If testing goes well, eBay plan to make the feature available to all sellers in the coming months, although of course it might be tweaked before being rolled out.

  • 2 weeks ago

    How do we identify which watched items are eligible?

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