Fruugo launches first of a series of specialist marketplaces

By Chris Dawson November 28, 2018 - 11:35 am

Fruugo have developed their ecommerce platform to allow them to create a variety of category specific marketplaces. The first of these is Cosmetics Megastore created to provide an international marketplace for Cosmetics retailers, featuring Make Up, Fragrances, Skin Care & other beauty products.

Currently operating in beta mode and English language only, it is based on the same technology that powers Fruugo and so is designed to operate in multiple languages, currencies and payment methods. Cosmetics Megastore will roll out to the 32 countries and 17 languages supported by Fruugo early in 2019.

Fruugo has a series of such category specific marketplaces in development, including marketplaces for Watches, Perfumes, Toys, Footwear, Sports Clothing & Equipment, & Vitamins and Supplements. Retailers listing their products on will automatically be eligible for inclusion in these category specific marketplaces. These and others will roll out early in 2019.

“Fruugo is combining rapid sales growth with continued innovation of its services for retailers. These new category specific marketplaces will provide additional exposure for retailers listing their products on Fruugo. Retailers wanting to add incremental sales through risk-free international retailing just need to contact us at Fruugo in readiness for the additional sales they will generate in 2019 and beyond.”
– Tony Preedy, Chief Commercial Officer, Fruugo

This is a really interesting development – here in the UK, as in many countries, there are already go to marketplaces which dominate the ecommerce landscape. In the UK it’s Amazon and eBay, in Poland it’s Allegro and we see a similar pattern around the world. For a new marketplace to get traction they have to offer something different.

Fruugo appear to win through paid search to attract traffic and cut a commission on the difference between ad cost and merchant fees. This is a limited strategy however and a winning strategy for a marketplace has to be to become the go to place for consumers not only to shop but also to start their search. By launching category specific marketplaces Fruugo are creating destination sites for consumers which are likely to attract repeat customers on a regular basis.

If you’re not already selling on Fruugo, anecdotal experience from online merchants we speak to suggest that adding the marketplace to an established Amazon and eBay business could see a bump in sales of between 5% and 10%. If you want to diversify your online business in 2019 then Fruugo should be high on your short list of marketplaces to consider.

  • 9 months ago

    Good Luck with the launch,

    • 9 months ago

      I agree that Fruugo is one of the most underappreciated marketplaces out there. and this is another great move from their side.

      Simple fact that sending feed in one language gives you pretty much instant presence in 32 countries with local translation is a big boost. Numbers we’ve seen across our clients seems to be matching 5-10% of revenue quoted (at times more) so definitely investment worth the time.

      Recently launch is more challenging as they doing more thorough QA on the data (categories/colour values etc.). We helped many clients launch onto that platform so fully understand the data structure and time required to get it live.

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Fruugo is a global marketplace with dedicated websites for 32 countries including the UK, most of Europe, parts of Asia and also Australia and New Zealand.

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