Etsy tests removing conditional offers from search results

By Chris Dawson November 14, 2018 - 1:26 pm

Etsy are running a marketplace test which involves removing some information from search results. The aim from the Etsy tests are to enable buyers to more easily compare apples to apples when considering which items to buy.

In order to make easier comparisons, Etsy are removing conditional offers such as money off promotions and shipping promotions which only apply if certain conditions are met. Conditions could be minimum order values or the purchase of multiple items.

What are Etsy testing?

Removing some information from search listing results:

  • Conditional sale (eligible orders get % off the price)
  • Conditional free shipping (eligible orders get free shipping)

To make it easier for shoppers to compare items and find what they want Etsy will display the amended search results to a percentage of buyers on Etsy. The Etsy tests will run in November – traditionally one of the busiest periods of the year although we don’t know if the test will continue into the Black Friday weekend selling season.

Sellers should not need to take any action during the tests – the whole point of these tests is that sellers continue with their normal behaviour and Etsy expose two sets of buyers one to the normal buying experience and another set to the amended search results. It’s only by having two sets of data to compare that Etsy can access if the test increases or decreases sales or has no measurable impact.

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