Etsy ramps up the marketing for Christmas

By Dan Wilson November 9, 2018 - 8:57 am

Etsy will be ramping up marketing and advertising in the run up to Christmas with a new promotional campaign aimed at driving buyer awareness of the brand and encouraging shoppers to come to Etsy to buy gifts on the crafts and vintage marketplace that have been ‘made with love’.

The centrepiece for the campaign will take the form of testimonial TV adverts made by Sandwich Video that will highlight the range of quirky and unique goods available from Etsy including handmade jewellery items, dog portraits and life-size living room rulers. Apparently. The idea is to emphasise the way that Etsy offers the chance to find unique items that are a perfect match for someone’s personality.

The use of testimonials has been tested already and proved successful so the approach will be rolled out nationally during the Christmas holiday period. The content has already been tested in Seattle, Minneapolis and Baltimore.

We gained many insights from our recent local tests, and saw particularly encouraging results from the ads showcasing authentic buyer testimonials. This gives us confidence to move forward with testing this concept on a national level.
– Patrick Reiter, head of buyer marketing, Etsy

The commercials will run nationally for four weeks across TV networks and cable stations in the United States the format will mostly be 30-second ads and they say they will also test 15 time slots as they optimise the campaign over the coming weeks.

You can check out some examples of the TV adverts below and Tamebay is always quick to praise new marketing initiates from marketplaces as they seek to develop their reach and customer base, In Etsy’s case it is vital to note that increased marketing activities and spend was part of the rationale for fee increases that came in to effect over the summer.

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Etsy is well known and a major player in the handmade and vintage arena with a marketplace that offers curated collections and suggestions.

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