DHL and Shopify team up in Singapore to help merchants

By Dan Wilson November 15, 2018 - 9:38 pm

DHL and Shopify say they will be working to enable Singapore-based merchants to ship to their customers worldwide through a new plugin. The new Singapore-based businesses built with Shopify will also enjoy special promotions for cross border shipping with DHL. Currently over 60% of Singapore-based merchants sell and ship their products internationally through the Shopify platform and with the cross-border ecommerce opportunity continuing to grow, the DHL eCommerce plugin will make it even easier for merchants to sell globally, they say.

Cross border ecommerce continues to grow exponentially and this is apparent from the borderless buying behaviour of online shoppers. 70% of online buyers made a purchase from a foreign site in 2017, up 6% from the year before and this trend is expected to continue.1 To deliver to buyers across borders, sellers need simple and seamless shipping solutions to manage their orders and deliver to their customers worldwide. By building tools for global shippers on Shopify, we’re making it easy to satisfy this exact requirement.
– Senthil Kumar, Managing Director, DHL ecommerce Singapore

They not that integrating different online systems can be complex, especially for sellers who sell online across multiple sales channels. By hosting their ecommerce stores on platforms such as Shopify, sellers have access to a wide array of plugins to connect the dots from click to delivery.

Improved visibility in delivery helps to greatly enhance the entire customer experience. With DHL and Shopify ecommerce shipping plugin available on Shopify, shippers can easily ship internationally by processing shipments on a single platform, from printing labels to generating tracking reference codes to enable shipment visibility for their customers – virtually automating the shipping process.

Shopify understands the dynamics of e-commerce, where requirements of sellers and buyers are evolving faster than ever. To ensure our merchants are keeping pace, we are working with DHL, a key driver of the global e-commerce ecosystem. The DHL eCommerce plugin, combined with the special rates for new Shopify merchants, will help retailers and brands on our platform ship with ease so they can devote more time to selling.
– Arun Verma, Country Manager, Shopify Singapore.

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