Amazon Echo price drops as they introduce calls via Skype

By Sasha Fedorenko November 20, 2018 - 4:36 pm

Amazon Echo saw a price drop as the marketplace introduced a new feature that allows shoppers to make hands-free calls via Skype.

Skype announced yesterday that it is working with Amazon to deliver free calls around the world on Echo device in time for Black Friday trading peak.

Shoppers in markets including U.S, U.K., Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand are now able to make voice-activated calls by saying out loud a term that will wake up Echo gadget -“Alexa, call on Skype.” To set up the device, shoppers need to go on their Amazon Alexa app’s settings in which they can connect their Skype account via a ‘communications’ channel. Skype says that it will mark the launch of the new feature by giving Echo users 200 free minutes of Skype to phone calling across 34 international markets.

Amazon are currently running Echo prices cheaper, which makes the device stand at £54.99 now in comparison to its usual £89.99 fee. The price drop comes as the marketplace aims to promote the new functionality that’s available in sandstone, heather grey, charcoal and walnut colours as well as red edition which is ready to pre-order for a release on December 5 to new and current Echo customers.

These news come as Amazon have recently launched a new augmented reality feature on its app for Black Friday trading season. The new 3-D tool is designed to allow customers to view a selected range of  Amazon products in their home environment. Yesterday, Amazon have announced their hiring initiative to recruit for their secretive new device, which is rumoured to be a home robot. As it appears, the marketplace is heavily investing in innovations to stay on top of customers expectations and competition.  Could this be an attempt to tap into consumers wallets this peak season as Amazon have recently lost of trillion dollars?



  • 3 years ago

    and yet most people will use Echo for nothing more than listening to music 🙂

    I know that in future situation will change, with improved AI etc. but right now, if I need to make a call, I simply do it using my phone. Even if it’s a Skype call.

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