A second Amazon 4-star shop set to open in Colorado

By Dan Wilson November 9, 2018 - 9:04 am

Amazon says it will be opening its second 4-star outlet in the United States. The first one opened for business in Berkeley, California, as we reported here, and the new and second 4-star store will be located in Park Meadows mall in Lone Tree, Colorado, and that’s just outside of Denver.

The 4-star shop concept is original. Rather than product buyers and curators choosing what people should buy, and essentially shaping tastes, the outlet will only sell goods that have been rated 4-star and above on the marketplace. In particular the shop concentrates on electronic goods, fashion items and entertainment media. Inside the shop itself, goods are actually displayed alongside genuine reviews from the Amazon website.

As they say of the new endeavour:

We created Amazon 4-star to be a place where customers can discover products they will love. Amazon 4-star’s selection is a direct reflection of our customers — what they’re buying and what they’re loving.
– Amazon

The 4-star concept from Amazon is interesting for three key reasons. The first is that it further demonstrates that Amazon isn’t scared to increasingly develop its bricks and mortar physical network. It reinforces what we know: Amazon isn’t really just an online store. It is in fulfilment and advertising and offline retail too. It’s important to constantly reassess what the gargantuan company based in Seattle is focussed on.

Secondly, 4-star unites what Amazon does online with its activities on the marketplace and brings customers into the heart of that by essentially letting the community decide what’s on offer.

But third, and doubtlessly most importantly, the new shops are a show of how confident Amazon is to try new and innovative ideas. That is in part a reflection of their deep and voluminous pockets but it also shows a verve for experimentation that has hitherto often served the company well.

  • Jay
    7 months ago

    Is it me or do Amazon seem to “launch” something every day?

    It’s becoming ridiculous the Amazon news section feels like I’m being spammed by Amazon just reading the stuff. It’s just the same boring shhht every day.

    Amazon this, Amazon that. I think we need a new definition of the word.

    YES AMAZON, we know you’re planning on taking over every possible industry and placing the word “Amazon” in front of every imaginable product or service that ever existed, including those that don’t exist YET!

    Atleast split your damn company up and call each bit something “other than Amazon” so it doesn’t feel like we’re being completely invaded and taken over by Amazon robots please.

    • Mark
      7 months ago

      Yep, I agree with all that – too much “Amazon this”, “Amazon that”. There is bound to be a reaction sooner or later. I’m certainly getting Amazon fatigue.

      I’m surprised Amazon doesn’t “do a Google” and reverse itself into another entity, e.g. “Elements Holdings”, with different named companies under that covering retail, cloud, healthcare, entertainment, self drive vehicles etc.

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