UPS My Choice expanded in time for Christmas

By Chris Dawson October 17, 2018 - 10:07 am

UPS WorldShip have announced the global expansion of UPS My Choice service to 96 additional countries and territories, bringing the total to 112 served. With the entrance into countries and regions in Africa, Asia Pacific and the Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean and Central and South America, Middle East and Oceania, and an expansion in Europe, this package-delivery management service will be in the world’s major e-commerce markets in time for the key holiday shipping season.

This is significant as UPS are one of the few true global carriers who can delivery door to door around the world. Unlike many overseas carriers that deliver into the UK with ParcelForce carrying out the in-country delivery, UPS handle the delivery themselves and it’s the same around the world.

With the expansion of UPS My Choice, and easy availability of UPS services through eBay delivery powered by Shutl and various parcel booking services, it’s a great choice for retailers who want to make tracking easy for their global customers.

“Every UPS My Choice user will have access to e-mail notifications that a delivery is on its way, an alert the day before delivery with a delivery-window estimate, notification that package is out for delivery, and a notification that delivery is completed. With this expansion, shippers can benefit from fewer customer inquiries and missed deliveries, while consumers enjoy increased visibility and, in many cases, the opportunity to adjust delivery dates and locations.”
– Nando Cesarone, President, UPS International

The global expansion includes actionable text alerts in many countries and territories for greater convenience when managing deliveries. In countries where technology allows delivery change options, users can route packages to UPS Access Point locations, send them to another address or opt for delivery on another day. There are currently more than 28,000 UPS Access Point locations worldwide, which include independently owned and operated businesses that offer customers a convenient and safe place to pick up shipments on their schedule.

UPS My Choice members options

  • Delivery Alerts

    UPS My Choice Delivery Alerts inform you about your inbound UPS deliveries so you can plan your day.

  • Delivery Planner

    Get a day, week or month’s view of all eligible inbound UPS packages, and reschedule or redirect your packages as needed.

  • Estimated Delivery Time

    Know when your package is on the way, so you can plan deliveries in advance.

  • Hold for Will Call

    Have your packages held for collection at a UPS Customer Centre.

  • Deliver to a UPS Access Point® Location

    Have your packages delivered to a UPS Access Point location and collect them at a time that best suits your daily routine.

  • Reschedule Delivery

    Have your packages delivered on a different day.

  • Deliver to Another Address

    Have your packages delivered to another address.
    Note: Changing the delivery address of your package could delay your scheduled delivery date. Additional transportation charges may apply.

  • Andy
    10 months ago

    Why bother? It’s utterly useless. Estimated Delivery Time gives a 4 hour slot and they never arrive even during that wide slot. Other couriers have overtaken them.

  • Max
    10 months ago

    UPS is the only courier I know requiring to have an account to have a delivery time estimate.

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