Shipengine partners with Volusion

By Dan Wilson October 10, 2018 - 11:42 am

ShipEngine has made a partnership with Volusion. Volusion is an ecommerce platform aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses and this new deal will help it to power its in-app shipping feature, Instant Postage.The integration allows merchants to buy and print USPS shipping labels directly from their seller dashboard and save up to 40% on parcel shipping when using

Volusion is committed to building the tools merchants need for success. Our merchants ship over 16 million packages a year, and will benefit from deep discounts on USPS shipping at no additional cost. This integration with ShipEngine makes ‘Instant Postage’ a reality and gives merchants access to a simple, powerful, and flexible solution that takes care of everything they need to get products to their customers.
– Bardia Dejban, CTO, Volusion

Ecommerce merchants who use the platform can now take advantage of multiple benefits with ShipEngine, including:

  • Seamless Workflow: Shipping destination, origin address, and product weight is automatically populated from order details
  • On-Demand Shipping Rates: Quickly get USPS rates to ensure the best service option is selected
  • Shipping Discounts: Get access to and save up to 40% on USPS postage
  • Real-Time Tracking: Offer ecommerce customers real-time shipment tracking information

They say that the partnership gives Volusion’s 30,000 merchants access to ShipEngine’s best-in-class shipping technology that has powered more than a billion shipments. Because the ShipEngine technology is directly integrated into the Volusion platform, merchants will not experience any disruption in their workflow.

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